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Ramadan Bazaar 2009 @ Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya

looks more like art deco painting

Kelana Jaya is always an old favourite of mine, with familiar stalls I often zoom in to and buy stuff from. A must is always the laksam here - gorgeous thick rolls of rice flour noodles with the creamy fish gravy with a dash of sambal and a sprinkle of bean sprouts for crunch.

various types of jellies made from milk and fruits

This year, familiar faces are around - the ever talktative satar fella, selling his wares and the colourful agar agar stall. They seem to have outdone themselves this year with loads of colours and unusual flavours - spotted a milk version with biscuits on top and etc. One evident change this year, the stall owners have invested in labels, which tell you what each item easily without waiting for them to serve you.

honey chicken wings on the hot grill

There was also an Uncle Bob's fried chicken stall, with a persistent jingle, telling you Uncle Bob was very delicious. Gave it a try and to be honest, it was very dissapointing. While they may have all the items to make the same kind of fried chicken, the skills to get it crispy weren't there (I reckon the lady overfried the chicken as it was chewy vs crispy!).

1. salted fish fried rice presented in an unusual manner, 2 4-angled beans kerabu with perut, 3. ikan bakar requests, 4. botok-botok

This is one of the few places you'll find packets of fish wrapped in large banana leaves smothered with herbs that is known as botok-botok. There's also two stalls this year selling the Jawa specialty of Nasi Ambeng - all wrapped up in a large parcel with chicken, rice, fried beehoon, coconut floss or serunding and fried tempeh.

sambal stuffed cencaru on the grill

The regular cencaru stuffed sambal lady was there selling her fish in various sizes. One stall definitely grabbed my attention, right in front of the street - they were selling various kinds of kerabu or salads - one made from pegaga or pennywort, daun selom, paku pakis or ferntops and green mangoes.

1. pizza is even available, 2. roti goreng, 3. nasi ambeng

The kek batik and creme caramel people were around as usual but business seems to be less vibrant compared to last year. Some stalls were very enterprising selling all kinds of wares including that must-have car accessory with the moving flower in a pot. Have been told you can get that dirt cheap in places like Wisma GM, Chow Kit where they sell it in bulk for a fraction of a price it is sold in stalls everywhere.

chicken satay

There were quite a few satay stalls around, ayam percik and one ayam golek fella. Not sure if it is the same fella last year but this one has upgraded his equipment to those covered glass versions.

the making of popiah basah FAM

One particular stall had me fascinated with their popiah line up, while another had curry leaves placed everywhere. Seems it is to ward off the flies that were persistent here.

onde onde ready to go

The onde onde stall was also around, where they'll make it on the spot. One particular stall selling fried rice and noodles, had an enterprising way to announce to the world it was selling salted fish fried rice - they placed the salted fish on the rice as a decoration.

pulut panggang needs time to grill on the hot fire

This will most probably be my last Ramadan bazaar post. Don't have much time to drive around and look for others during the weekday. I guess if I do find others worthwhile snapping pictures of, these will be posted up in Flickr. Reckon some of you will also be fed up with too many bazaars. For the detailed pictures for this bazaar, see
my Flickr set.


Sean said...

i've enjoyed reading your bazaar series. gorgeous pics! i'm too lazy to visit any of the bazaars, but i've forwarded the links to several of my friends who wanted to check out ramadan fare, and they all found it very helpful.

thule a.k.a leo said...

This girl ah... I respect la! The spirit and determination... can't be matched! Simply relentless

Naddy said...

salute to your post on bazaar ramadhan. I found it very useful.

sc said...

this would be my only place to pop by for the buka puasa food..been busy every weekends and this place is the nearest :p quite a nice selection nonetheless :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Love all the jellies! so pretty!
but i bought some before, nearly went into saccharine shock coma!

Kwong said...

Nooo! haha your Bazaar reviews are super good! I wanna go to the Pandan Indah one. Can you give me the exact address cause I'm not familiar with KL roads ahaha

umami said...

You know that all homesick Malaysians (also Singaporeans & Bruneians) are drooling over your Bazar Ramadan pictures right?

We are nowhere near bored yet. Love love love your pictures. Thanks.

ai wei said...

onde onde! they have them wrapped with banana leaves! Yum!~

i am long-ing to go bazaar !!!

ling239 said...

the first jelly pic looks like a pic i can hang on the wall ! :p

Crispy said...

You can't stop posting these pictures! I eat vicariously through them while being stuck in London and having no good Malaysian food to eat!!! Great pictures!!

Crispy said...

You can't stop posting these pictures! I eat vicariously through them while being stuck in London and having no good Malaysian food to eat!!! Great pictures!!

worldwindows said...

Nice outing again. Chicken on grill so irresistible.

eiling lim said...

The only thing that tempted me was the Onde onde. Oh my oh my, I must get them!

rokh said...

mmm, this one at least nearer and more possible for me to try out! btw, the first picture of the jellies are so retro! i like! :)

Jenny Tan said...

Mmm...I don't see if anyone can be "fed up" with too many bazaars!! I used to live in the Kelana Jaya area...and I LOVE the buka puasa stalls there! Is this the one in front of the old Giant supermarket? I've been living in US for too many years...and I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss going there!!! *sigh* --- now I only get to see the food on your blog...I could ALMOST taste them all! ;P

ipanemagirl said...

Your blog is definitely the best food blog out there!! the pictures are way super awesome!! please don't stop doing what you're doing!! amazing!!!

I always check out the food on this blog...super love the ramadan food coverage

Unknown said...

the pizza looks burnt. what flavour was it? BBQ?

boo, i've moved. pls update my link to :


jesscet said...

Excellent food photos! Love them!! :) You're really mastering your DSLR skill! well done. They all look delicious but for me have to avoid them!! :p

CatlinaFly said...

wow..very nice food photography! :) make me hypersalivate hahaha..isk..bulan puasa nih!

BeautyHydro said...

That pulut panggang is really2 nice. Sad today is the last Puasa day ;( .

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