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Nasi Tumpang & Mee Rebus @ Warung, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

the old style & simple decor

I'm a keen fan of
Malaysian Insider's food column, making it a regular weekly read for food recommendations around the Klang Valley and afar. Hence, when I chanced upon the mention of "nasi tumpang" at this newly opened outlet called Warung, I was mighty curious.

the bright orange mee rebus

Nasi tumpang, the Kelantanese special has always held a special memory in my tummy. I still remember my first time trying the green banana leaf wrapped rice in Kota Bahru. Found at the infamous White House, where you get perfectly soft half boiled eggs with toast, I fell in love with the slightly sticky and soft rice shaped like a thin pyramid with serunding and curry.

three layer tea, the inside of my nasi tumpang and the rustic stool

Even though I craved that first bite, I never did encounter nasi tumpang in Klang Valley until recently when I read about it in Malaysian Insider. Earlier on, Belanga at the Gardens got me a little excited as they claimed to be selling it but it came up to empty promises (I've not checked recently though, so maybe they have added it into their menu).

nasi tumpang, looking nice and tall served with crackers and achar

Whatever it is, I'm satisified with my nasi tumpang here that comes chockfull of goodies - a layer of serunding, chicken curry, cucumbers and sambal. The ones here is definitely bigger than the nasi tumpang from Kelantan, as I remember eating a very simple one just sprinkled with a little serunding. How did these funny shaped rice parcels come to existent I often wonder? I remember asking a Kelantan person on its origins and they said, this was packed for journeys, making it an easier bite (since the rice is a little more sticky and compact) to eat compared to the looser nasi lemak packets.

Back to the premises, located just next to the walkway to Northpoint and the KTM Komuter extrance. I love the decor here to, very old style with zinc-aluminium topped tables (remind me of my school canteen days) and long wooden benches and stools. I've also tried the mee rebus here, which didn't blow me away compared to
Rosli Mee Rebus (the ultimate one but a different version). Nevertheless this version is pretty good but not the best ever. Next time, I reckon it will be the nasi lemak for me and their seri muka, which I heard is to die for.

The Warung
Lot F028C
1st Floor
North Court
MidValley Megamall City
Kuala Lumpur

(Halal. Open from 8.30am onwards. Next to Rotiboy and near the KTM Komuter entrance.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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Anonymous said...

i have not tried nasi tumpany b4...thanks for sharing, I should try it soon!!!

J said...

Oh cool - Thanks....
My friend was just asking where to find decent serunding (in a convenient location) and et voila! :)

Agnes Cheong said...

Haha...The nasi tumpang looks so special o. What is the price for tht nasi tumpang?

firethorn said...

thanks for sharing this nasi tumpang post. i've never tried it, so i'm looking fwd to try it on my next visit to MV. i've dropped by "Malaysian Insider's" site, and the food sounds so yummy!

Julian Si said...

Great packaging on the Nasi Tumpang, what a cone!! :-)

Cheers from Abu D...

PureGlutton said...

Cute packaging, i must say... have never tried this before. The East Coast sure has many varieties of "nasi"!

Precious Pea said...

Heard about this many this is how it looks like. Ok Ok...we go when I come back ok?

thule a.k.a leo said...

always Mid Valley or The Garden but never North Point... heard that there are quite a few nice eateries that have opened for business there. Should check it out very soon...

Paranoid Android said...

Lovely. But the rice I had in Kelantan looked a bit different. Aparrently they are stuffed into the banana leaf packets while warm and moist and it looks a bit like nasi himpit.

And of course there are many variations, serunding ikan, prawns masak pedas, chicken, telur dadar, etc...

Thanks for the tip on where to get a quick fix.

Kwong said...

Never had nasi tumpang before. It definitely looks really tall! Would definitely try this too when I'm back in 2 weeks

qwazymonkey said...

Wow what a coincidence! I just had Nasi Tumpang there today. It was very comforting after an entire morning of hard work and sweating in the mall before the a/c were switched on.

Wouldn't mind going back there again.

Hazza said...

Gotta give it a try soon!

foodbin said...

heard that the wood for the stools and tables are from his grandfather's sawmill.

Sophia Lee said...

That nasi tampung is impressive-looking! I like the simple and antique-style decor. Very pleasant ambiance!
By the way, your photography is amazing. May I know what camera you use? (Though I am aware that is is 99% skills)

sc said...

looks delish! just that the nasi is wrapped with their stall's paper rather than banana leaf..shall remember this place when i'm over at MV in the future for meals :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Wow.. so thts a place for nasi tumpang. Dont hv to wait til the Ramadan bazaars starts!

william said...

Being from kelantan i can attest to the comments made regarding white house...gosh i miss it...will definately try out the warung...enjoy reading your blog :)

worldwindows said...

Quite novel in packaging it that way? Any particular reason? I noticed that the ingredients are dropped in a orderly pattern.

rokh said...

nasi tumpang looks interesting, too bad though the mee rebus fell short...still miss the mee rebus at Taiping :)

Joy Khoo said...

Hi, I am the owner for Sango Japanese Restaurant in Crystal Crown Hotel PJ. And I would like to invite you to come to our restaurant to have a food review. Do we have the honor? Thanks.

boo_licious said...

Simple Girl - it's kinda like everything packed in one go, so you get a little of everything. Hope you like it.

J - usually places to get decent serunding would be Chow Kit or the Jalan TAR mkts.

Agnes - dug up that reluctant recipe and it is RM9.80.

firethorn - ah, always a first time and definitely easier than travelling up north for it.

Hi Jules - saw that yr stuff is here already from Ikea!

pureglutton - yeah, they do. I think they even have a rice festival for like 100 dishes!

precious pea - no problem, we go and eat loads of crabs also.

thule - this one is the North section, just before Northpt. Quite a few eateries opened there but then closed down though.

paranoid android - yeah, this version fails in the texture i.e not sticky and compressed enuf, hence it does not hold well. However, having said that, it is still pretty tasty even though it lacks the right texture.

Kwong - they stuff a lot of things in it to make a pretty substantial meal.

qwazymonkey - wow, talk abt coincidences, I had this last wk when I went to see Su-Yin. Walked all the way from Gardens just for this.

Hazza - ah, good to try b4 u return to UK.

foodbin - wow! No wonder there is such a nice feel to the place.

burp & slurp - what a great nick! Thxs for the comp. I use a Canon 450D.

sc - it's 2 with their wrapper and inside is the banana leaf.

nomadgourmand - nvr seen these in Ramadan bazaars at all though. In fact, one has nvr seen any in the Klang Valley!

william - the texture is not rite like what Paranoid Android said but then, I'm too lazy to make my own.

worldwindows - this was food for the fishermen, easy to eat at one bite when they were out in sea.

rokh - am sure mee rebus in Taiping will be very good.

Joy - thxs for the invite but sorry, one don't really do food reviews.

_ said...

Hahahaha ..

Sorry to spoil the party but if you ask me, that's no Nasi Tumpang ( or as the Kelantanese would say, Nasik Tupae ).

More like a failed attempt to me.

They key feature of a Nasik Tupae is always the rice to be like that of Nasi Himpit, packed and pressed until no visible rice grain, and when unpacked never crumble like shown. It would retain a nice cone shape until your dig your fingers into it. Ask any Kelantanese, or just check out each Nasik Tupae in Kelantan. That particular feature is truly the key.

The toppings however depends on the person who prepares it. So you can expect anything from a common, cheap servings of bits of tuna or prawn curry to a combo of boiled eggs, meat floss and chicken.

One thing for sure,
that " Nasi Tumpang " really give Kelantanese real Nasik Tupae a bad name .. or should I say, a bad look ~

Leonard Foong said...

Thank you for the lovely review. =)

A'a said...

Nasi Tumpang is very delicious and it not only comes with chicken curry but also with fish (usually ikan tenggiri or selar kuning) or prawns..
go to Kelantan and u will see and able to eat the original Nasi Tumpang..i always eat it everytime i went back to my hometown, Kelantan..
for those who live in Kelantan, u can order Nasi Tumpang for any jamuan if u wish too..i know who to contact..but make sure u r in Kelantan..just to promote it..TQ

Unknown said...

it's very new to me and look very delicious too...hope to try it soon.

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