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Steaks @ Angus Steak House, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

The sign which points the way to great steaks

Since it was Splashie Boy's birthday on Friday, we did the celebrations during the weekend. I had to work on Friday night - loads of good Chinese food but unfortunately I couldn't bring him along.

Starting out with deep fried prawn and cod

As Splashie Boy is a huge bovine fan, I knew it had to be Wagyu or Kobe beef for him. Since it was all about steaks, we decided to venture into a steakhouse vs a fine dining restaurant. I had heard good things about Angus Steakhouse at Pavilion and decided we'll just give it a go.

divine creamy carrot soup

We were pleasantly surprised when we walked in, to find the steakhouse quite packed with people. There was even a Japanese family dining there. The atmosphere within the restaurant, reminds me a bit of a modernised Ship Steakhouse, something I grew up eating with my family with. Waiters wear tuxedos (looking like penguins) and waitresses wear these French maid getup with a frilly headgear.

Yummy Green Salad with Japanese dressing

The menu is all about steaks - almost a full page dedicated to the various cuts and sizes available. You can choose from their sets, that are served with an appetizer, a choice of bread or rice, soup, salad, the entree and dessert. If you prefer ordering a la carte, they offer a selection of appetizers like oysters (fresh and baked), soups and grilled seafood items. There's also various types of pastas with pollack roe, abalone, beef bacon and etc.

Splashie Boy's Birthday Wagyu - Moooooooooo!

We both went for the sets, settling for 200g portions, as I couldn't decide on the various appetizers. Splashie Boy had the Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Set - marbling rating 9+, for RM240, while I settled for the 200g sirloin set for RM78.

my beef sirloin with some fatty sinful bits

There is a sense of old style formalness to this place as the sets are served course by course. We started out with the appetizer - a pan fried cod and prawn served with a side portion of cubed potatoes and mushrooms. This changes, I guess with availability. We both loved the seafood, simple but tasty. Next was a creamy carrot soup - thick and smooth. You get to taste a hint of the sweet carrots. I loved the green salad they served - not very expensive greens, just plain green lettuce, broccoli, tomato and corn niblets but when combined with the Japanese dressing and a topping of bonito flakes, it was really good. The dressing is unlike the typical wafu dressing with vinegar but was definitely made with shoyu (soy sauce). I finished my salad, feeling extremely satisfied.

last but not least - creamy tiramisu

Then, it was time for the steaks to take centrestage. Charcoaled grilled in an open kitchen with a very powerful exhaust (I could see the chefs from a distant), the steaks are served on a brass sizzling plate, with a wooden base. Vegetables placed on the side, and should be eaten quite quicky as, if you leave them longer, they get cooked on the plate.

My beef sirloin was super tender and juicy. I loved every teeny weeny bit of it down to the sinful bits of fat, I went for. If you don't want the fatty bits, ask for the tenderloin. Splashie Boy's Wagyu was very good. A thicker cut compared to mine, he was well satisfied. Each of the steaks are served with a slice of lime and a piece of herbed butter. Unlike steaks that come drenched with thick sauces, they serve their steaks with a sauce made from shoyu, finely minced radish and mirin. Incredibly good with the sauce that complements the taste of the beef and does not drown it out. I'm not too sure how they get their steaks to be so tender (I suspect some aging?) but whatever it is, Splashie Boy and I are hooked on it.

One weird thing was I asked for rice vs bread, and they served it with my steak and I was eating them together. Tasted good too, when combined especially with that special sauce they serve on the side. We ended with dessert - a slice of tiramisu, with creamy layers and soaked sponge cake. Not too overpowering sweet, each creamy layer was silky smooth.

Despite the food being very good, I wasn't too impressed with the service. Maybe they were a bit busy that night but it took a while to get their attention. I also noticed, service starting going downhill after 9.30pm, as the staff was just eager to clear plates and go home, that they were doing all the service no-nos - reaching across the table from Splashie Boy's side to clear my plate or to serve me. Nevertheless, we'll still give them another chance and will definitely revisit, when we feel the urge for a good steak.

Angus Steak House
Lot 6.44& 6.45
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 2145 6015

(Pork free. Restaurant serves lunch and dinner sets.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Sugar Bean said...

We went there once. The beef was good but the spaghetti wasn't. And yeah, we love their salad, it was really good. Nice dining there!

Ciki said...

the wagyu looks like a goooood portion, in the photo.. rm240 sounds like value... can't see the fats on your steak.. but will take ur word for it ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i heard less then happy things in there..looks like if it passes ur shud b just fine!

jasmine said...

less than impeccable service? ah, the things we put up with just for good food. but this place sounds interesting.. should be checking it out soon!

jesscet said...

hey is this in anyway linked to Angus Steakhouse in London? But the sign looks a bit different..

gosh, RM240 for a steak is WAY beyond me.. i rather buy a bag or shoes or something :p

ling239 said...

hmm... now i am craving for beef ~ :P

Rarebeet said...

Have not been there as yet. Somehow it isn't very welcoming and I'm always too casually dressed (as one does when at a shopping mall) and the people in there are usually business men in their suits. I will make sure to get there early to avoid bad service! :-)

J2Kfm said...

wow. 9+ marbled, thick 200g cut of Wagyu steak. Beyond me.... hehe :)
but the sirloin would do just fine. funny eating those with rice? with shoyu/mirin sauce, probably Japanese-influenced?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Splashie Boy musta been in 7th heaven. Happy birthday once again to him. :-) Unlike Joe, I've actually heard good things abt the food here. Just proves that one man's meat is another man's poison.

sc said...

wow, sounds like a fantastic place if i crave for a good piece of steak!

Simon Seow said...

I wonder how much the kobe beef set will cost.

Julian Si said...

Happppppppy birthday!

I am heading there on my next visit to Pav, seem to always stop at Kung Jung instead :-)


Jackson said...

wow...i can't afford that really.. luckily it's a beef rather than chicken

Unknown said...

I have been an avid reader of your blog for a while now very impressed with it (second thing I do on the computer on Monday mornings, after emails). I am just curious you have 3 categories of restaurant Halal Classification: Non-Halal, Halal and Pork Free. I would like to know what do you mean by 'Pork Free'? Is it that the other meats are non-Halal? Just you blog has made we wanna try some of the palces you have written about.

Jun said...

oooh... the wagyu brings out the carnivore in me!!

daphne said...

Happy belated birthday to splashy boy.

The wagyu looks delish!

Jason said...

Haven't really tried some real nice steak but with that price tag, maybe I can only come on early of the month ^^

Cherrie said...

OMG.. the steak look nice... i think i should go there and try it out some day...

HairyBerry said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Splashie Boy!!! A carnivorous birthday treat is my kinda party (with 9+ marbling somemore!)..haha!

~Christine~Leng said...

I wanna lay my hands on the carrot soup! and the wagyu beef, and the salad.. Okay.I want everything ;P

mh said...

ah... wanted to try this but end up eat at Silk Road few weeks ago, seems too expensive to me. have to work harder to earn more :p

irresistible said...

hmm... was planning to go for my birthday this year.. (mum is paying! ehehe) But after u announced the price.. i might want to think twice then....!! thanks for the post..

boo_licious said...

sugar bean - ah, I guess have to try the pastas one day to see if it suits me, since I heard differing opinions.

cumi&ciki - yeah, u don't see the fats but they're defintely there.

Joe - weird, as I heard good things abt this place from friends, hence I ended up here. Maybe the taste of the steaks without heavy sauces are not up to yr friend's taste?

boo_licious said...

jasmine - maybe u need to go earlier? Mine seem to give up since it was closing time..

jesscet - not related. This is an Indon chain. LOL, doubt Splashie Boy would appreciate a handbag though for his birthday pressie.

ling239 - hee hee, go try some quick.

paprika - I call this place kinda like a steakhouse, not a formal one as kids were dining there so more of the family places my parents used to take me. BUT I do state I am always badly dressed. I ended up in Lafite in jeans once! Luckily they let me in since it was lunchtime.

boo_licious said...

j2kfm - yeah, I felt like a china man who missed rice a lot.

thxs LL for the well wishes. He was a very happy man, indeed that nite.

sc - yup, nice place for steaks. I enjoyed myself.

simon seow - kobe and wagyu kinda the same here in KL.

julian - hope it passes yr test though. I enjoyed it, as the sauces don't overpower the taste of the meat.

jackson - we'll get u some choy yuen kai for yr birthday!

boo_licious said...

taufiq - pork free means, no pork served but they don't have halal cert becoz they don't have full Malay staff or they serve alchohol. If you're strict, then you may want to go for the halal ones.

jun - I'll stand far away from you or else you'll chomp a piece of me, since you're feeling the itch for some meat!

thxs daphne for the well wishes.

jason - yeah, maybe can wait. I think they may do value for money lunch sets.

cherrie - hope u like it.

thxs nic! He was very happy, made his day since he loves all things beefy.

christine - time to ask someone to spend?

tekko - how was silk road?

irrestible - guess u can go for the cheaper sets? Not necessary to eat the wagyu beef.

mh said...

well.. Silk Road not so special, but not bad though. will post it somewhere next week when i have time ;-)

KY said...

RM 240 per dish. @.@
I need to have a major windfall to enjoy that. :D

boo_licious said...

tekko - aiks! I heard good things abt it too.

ky - no lah, have to spend since his birthday. Cheaper than the Prime Kobe of RM258 and RM348, I saw in today's Star. That would have cleaned me out totally.

irresistible said...

Hmm... maybe.. because it's going to be my whole family there.

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