Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dining out @ WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Stuffed Tofu Puffs

I'm on the roll, this week with my second post in two days. Hopefully I can keep this up! Happy April Fool's day everyone. Do get up to loads of michief and play funny tricks on your fellow colleagues or friends. Seemed appropriate, I should post this today - the day of WIP's official opening. Sadly, I doubt I will be attending since I'm busy with training at the mo. Nevertheless, I did get a preview of the food (finally!), last week when we dropped by for dinner.

Beef Kuey Teow

As everyone knows, the people behind WIP are Fred and Michelle, the same ones who own Souled Out. That place used to be my absolute favourite place to hang out with friends and the defacto celebration place for our office events. However, as that place got more and more popular, it became a pain to get a table there, when we felt the impromtu need to drop by.

Paddy's Pie

Hence I was excited to discover this new joint. Serving the same type of food, I preferred the ambience here versus Souled Out. Decked to resemble a work site, with black and yellow tapes, my favourite part were the wait staff. They're all dressed like workman, with overalls and t-shirt in yellow and brown. I especially like the torch perched on their heads. The place is also more cosier than Souled Out, with less of a crowd.

Foodwise, it was average. I reckon they could have done better with my Beef Kuey Teow - eggy gravy with little taste. I loved this cute stuffed Tofu Puffs they had for snacks. Perfect for those waiting for their pie. Splashie Boy had the famous Paddy's Pie - very good stuff with chunks of beef in stew. Overall, I enjoyed myself and wouldn't mine returning again for another meal.

Lot G111, Ground Floor
Bangsar Shopping Center
Jalan Maarof
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2094 1789/2789


Simon Seow said...

Now thanks to your post it will get more crowded. LOL.

daphne said...

ooo.the pie and stuffed tofu looks fantastic!

choi yen said...

very generous amount of beef in ur kuey teow

Tummythoz said...

I find the food at Souled Out deteriorated. Also I tend to avoid places that refuse to serve plain warm water.

Sugar Bean said...

The Stuffed Tofu Puffs looks good. Never thought of visiting this place whenever we pass by this place, will give it a try next time! Wow, so many restaurants queuing up in our wish list.

Jun said...

how r prices compared to souled out?

Hazza said...

Is the Paddys pie filled with guiness stewed beef?

Xanydude said...

wow your pictures really make the food look tasty... it's like 2am and i'm getting hungry looking at the beef kuey teow.


Jackson said...

the stuffed tofu puff look so tempting!!

ling239 said...

the Tofu Puffs are stuffed with so many ingredients, must be delicious ~ ^_^

J2Kfm said...

hey just had Tauhu Sumbat, and saw your post! hehe ... coincidence? but mine is nowhere as appetizing (in terms of visual) as yours. the pie looks nice.

Anonymous said...

wow... the beef kway teow looks nice!


FooDcrazEE said...

havent been to bangsar for ages. . . gotta go see my friends in Cung Dinh Restaurant . . . from ur comment, guess I pass this outlet ler . . .lolz

Rarebeet said...

I want to dine here but all my friends refuse to go with me after various misadventures at Souled Out and 7ate9.

JOjo said...

The pie looks good~ Aiya, all eatery in Kl, no chance la~

boo_licious said...

simon - LOL, doubt I have that much influence?

daphne - hee hee, the stuffed tofu puffs were yummy esp with the chili sauce.

mimi - but then its RM17 hence the hefty portion.

tummythoz - no problems in getting plain warm water here.

wenching - take yr time and enjoy the list.

jun - can't compare dearie as I haven't eaten at Souled Out for yonks!

hazza - sadly not despite the name. Paddy is their food dtr hence the Irish reference.

xanydude - oops, I would be hungry too at 2am. Hope u did find food to fill that growling tummy.

jackson and ling239 - very the yum, the tofu puffs.

j2km - oooh, tauhu sumbat also sounds nice.

nikeez - give it a try?

foodcrazee - cungdinh, yet to dine there. Heard good things abt it though.

paprika - LOL, then better not go since food is similar to both places.

jojo - poor thing. Never mind, come to KL and enjoy!

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