Friday, December 22, 2006

Nasi Padang @ Maju Garuda, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

I'm a keen fan of Nasi Padang if you notice from my numerous posts on the food. Somehow, it always hits the right spot in my tummy as I love the variety of food they serve. Although it's mainly the same items from each place, it's always fun to try them and compare which ones taste great.

Maju Garuda's set up in Kampung Baru can't be missed since it's located on the busy Jalan Raja Alang. It also happens to be one of those back routes Splashie Boy loves to use to avoid traffic gridlocks within the city centre so we always drive past this place.

Make your selection from the counter which is filled with lots of varieties. The restaurant serves an excellent Ayam Goreng Pop here. Although it's deep fried, it's served without it's fat filled skin. The key to this dish is the delicious dark soy sauce dip mixed with chilli and other spices that keeps you asking for more. The curries are also full of flavour and their beef dendeng is nice and crispy.

Something unusual they serve here is the Satay Padang. Available only in the evenings, the satay is totally different from our Malaysian satay. The meat on the skewers is slightly chewy and marinated in spices. After grilling it on the hot charcoals, it's doused with a sauce which is not too spicy. It took me a while to get used to this as I kept looking out for a peanut sauce to dip my satay in. Besides this Kampung Baru outlet, they also have another one around the Masjid India area right beside the covered bazaar.

Incidentally, it's Dong Zhi today so remember to break out the frozen tong yuen packets from the freezer. Alternatively, you can rush to the market now to get the fresh rice flour dough in various colours to roll them into teeny weeny balls.

Restoran Maju Garuda
36B, Jalan Raja Alang
Kampung Baru
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2691 4077

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Anonymous said...

I tried the Satay Padang when I was in Bandung, not too bad...something new...but i still prefer our local satay with kuah kacang.

Fulltime Mom said...

how was the nasi pandang? i'm a fan of nasi padang myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi .. just discuss with my colluege last few days and we wonnder where is this place although we knew just near by out office! and they said the price is not cheap yeah .. but it is very tasty ...

well will go and try one day soon

flymeng said...

I like to try Nasi Padang. It looks delicious. Is it much different from the local Nasi Melayu Timur/Ekonomi?
My favorite is the deep fried chicken with the curry sauce. Sedap.

Merry Christmas Boo!!!

Anonymous said...

I m looking hard at the satay. If only our regular pubs have this, what a pity.

GFAD said...

Hi Boo! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

I'm now in Abu Dhabi enjoying all the food you mentioned in the Al Diafah review, and more. All the lamb kebabs, chicken shawarma, salads, dips, fruit juices - absolutely delish! Everywhere I go, the breads and rolls are fantastic! And they really like cream caramel, a lot of restaurants serve it.

There are all sorts of cuisine here - Chinese, Indian, Western, Japanese, Filipino etc. And I must say, I have had one of the best BBQ baby back ribs (yes,pork!) at one of the hotels here. Succulent, and falling-of-the-bone tender!! You must visit this country one day, it's food heaven!!

Anonymous said...

too bad never try Nasi Padang before..

Cherrie said...

err why the satay.. square square de???

hmm.. anyway.. wanna wish u Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Babe_KL said...

wishing you and splashie boy a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

boo_licious said...

precious pea - I can't seem to disassociate my tastebuds from satay and peanut sauce!

fulltime mom - nice nasi padang. Winners are their Ayam Pop and the paru curry. I'm also a great fan of nasi padang.

flymeng - Merry Xmas. Nasi Padang has more varieties vs the Nasi Campur and spices seem to be stronger so it's yummy food. Price wise, it's higher though.

tonixe - I think our pubs rather serve easy to make snacks.

kat - wow, Abu Dhabi sounds really great. Lucky you! My only visit to the Middle East was Bahrain by default when my plane got stuck there.

jackson - must explore yr tastebuds a bit?

aprilcherrie - hee hee, think they cut it that way. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you too!

babe - thxs and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and yr family esp that cute boi boi of yours.

SuRfNuX said...

Hmm is this place just opened less than a year? The last time been to Kampung Bahru have not seen this place I think. Is there another Indonesian restaurant at the opposite of it?

The sate were square indicates they were beef. Most of Indonesian Beef Satay will be in square shape. No idea why. :p

What makes Satay Padang different is the Kuah which is made from tepung (flour). If the tepung is mixed with the peanut sauce, and some sambal, lagi syok. :p

boo_licious said...

surfnux - this place has been there for ages. No restaurant opposite it. Thxs for the tips on satay padang.

HanieHyde said...

oh maju garuda is my uncle's place...i hope you tried the kikil (fat/tendons of the cow's legs) in curry...

the satay padang has been there (originally from the opposite shop) for ages!

my personal fave is the keropok(crackers), square big puffy ones made from cow's fats under the skin..needs an acquired taste though..

wash it all down with teh botol sosro or alpukat (blended avocado with chocolate syrup or milo) for a true indonesian taste


KebunKu Sdn Bhd said...


Anonymous said...

hiii.. i really like satay padang. but since moved to JB, i couldn't find it anywhere. so sad..

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