Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gourmet Burger @ Relish, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Blogger has been acting strange again. Yesterday, my navigation bar dissapeared on me and later at night, I found out I can't comment on Blogger Beta blogs. Hence I reckon, it's wise to quickly post this up as soon as possible or else it'll be wonky later in the morning.

Burger aficionados will love this place which serves seven varieties of gourmet burgers in two different sizes, 6 oz and 10 oz. However, they may howl in protest once they discover that it doesn't come with the classic tomato ketchup but served with the healthier and home made tomato relish. I decided to go for the Classic Cheese Burger (RM20++ for 6 oz) rather than the more exotic types like the Aussie Burger with pineapple, beetroot, egg and beef bacon. The burger was pretty good stuff. Juicy and succulent minced beef, chargrilled to perfection. I know ketchup would have been more authentic but the relish was quite nice and tasty. The burgers don't come with fries which is a seperate order for RM5 or RM8 if you prefer wedges. The good thing about having the fries served on the side is the portion was huge enough for two people to finish up.

Rather than order another burger, we tried another item on their menu - the Minty Lamb (RM20++) which has been chargrilled and sliced. This is stuffed in pita bread. The lamb was tender but the mint yoghurt relish served with it wasn't too good and lacked flavour.

We were keen to try their Chocolate Ganache Tart but sadly they had run out of most of their desserts leaving us the Apple Pie (RM15++) to try. Although it looked super impressive when it arrived with it's scoop of ice cream and orange rind topping, the apple pie was cold inside when we started eating it. We sent it back to be reheated and luckily, it came back defrosted and heated up the second round. Tastewise, it was only okay.

Conclusion at the end of the meal was they knew how to make and cook burgers but desserts was something they needed to improve on. Maybe we got the least popular item of the dessert menu since it was the last one standing. If you wish to see more of the menu, click on the link below to Relish's website.

22 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2145 3321

(Directly opposite Frangipani)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Anonymous said...

The burger looks delicious...

Unknown said...

The burger and tomato relish look good! Sorry to read the mint sauce for the lamb had no flavor. Maybe they need more mint?

About the beta blogger - I cannot comment either! What is up with that? I am glad it is not my computer, rather it is the beta blogger.

Anonymous said...

yeaps, i've problem commenting too! :( anyways, i would wanna try da lamb and maybe i should ask for more mint yoghurt? :D

boo_licious said...

J - Yr Yut Kee review looks good, what a coincidence as I was planning to also put it up this wk, guess I'll do that next wk. Go try the burgers, yummy. I want to go back to try the Aussie one.

Lannae - Yeah, I read some forums and quite a few people can't comment. Irritating! Yeah, I also thought they needed more mint in yr yoghurt dressing.

meiyen - good idea abt the yoghurt as it was kinda tasteless without it. Sorry can't comment on yr Vivo visit. Was at the Curve last nite but we ate Little Penang instead. Tried Ying Ker last wk but didn't like it.

Anonymous said...

boo, no problem :) Little Penang?!!! we went to da klcc outlet last sunday and da food wasn't too good :( ying ker? da one with da labelled 'no-msg'?

Anonymous said...

wah wah wah wah wah the cheese & the burger slurrrrrrrrrrrrrpy wo where is this place? i duno how to go leh

Anonymous said...

i need to go there again!

Anonymous said...

WAAAAAAA>>>> I wan the burger but i will sure replace the beed with chicken! Hehe... The Minty Lamb look so delicious but too bad u said that their sauce was less flavour. Can't imagine lamb without good mint sauce!

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike, right?

(Sorry if I caused any inconveniences though!)

Babe_KL said...

i'm waiting for lanatir to belanja me there!!!!

boo_licious said...

meiyen - dunno haven't eaten at the KLCC one for sometime. The curve was ok, had my fav achar ikan. Ying Ker - food not genuine Hakka.

alice - it's near Radius Hotel and at the back of Jalan Alor.

lanatir - remember to snap pixs.

jackson - u can serve something like this in yr new place?

J - I think every blogger has a reference to Yut Kee, food is good there.

babe - going to wait a long time rite?

Anonymous said...

boo, i find i cant post comments at all on beta blogger when using pda. and on the pc, as you say, its just wonky. so annoying.

YUMMMMMMMM, the burgersssss....i love a good burger, yum yum yum. apple pie not good ah? actually, where does one find good apple pie? (apart from at home, ahem)

Native Daughter said...

Has no one else ever been disappointed by Relish? I have, several times! Last night I went there with some girlfriends for dessert. The chocolate ganache looked good and was well-appreciated, but the strawberry smoothies (RM 12) tasted like ice. They were pink, but otherwise no flavour, nsense of icecream or yoghurt, just ice. And big lumps of ice at the bottom too. Inedible.

I also think Relish fails to live up to its gourmet burger tag. Places like Chilis serve a good burger time and time again. The burgers I have had at Relish have had nice buns, yes, but the patties are bland and uninteresting, kinda soggy, and the scrape of tomato relish I got on one burger had to be seen to be believed. Not like the picture above! Kedekut, man.

A nice ambience, but the food is unreliable.

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