Monday, January 10, 2011

Afternoon Tea & Sunday Roast Lunch @ The Lobby Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

Weekends are meant to be lazy decadent breaks so we feel charged up to hit Monday with a vengeance. One place to enjoy the good life is at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur. Dining may be limited to few choices here but when it comes to making things count, the people at The Ritz-Carlton definitely know how to put on a masterpiece of a meal, making you dream up plans to spend the whole weekend here.

Located just on the ground floor is the Lobby Lounge where you get to break the monotony of the daily life (except Sundays) with their afternoon tea break from 3-5pm. It's a great place to relax and chill out especially if you rather take a quieter approach. Imagine soothing harp music, tinkling teacups, and catching up with the gossip at this cosy setting. Definitely the grand life that makes you wanna break out in song and sing...Summertime by George Gershwin from Porgy and Bess...."summertime, and the living is easy..."

Unlike the more bustling Sunday Roast Lunch, teatime here is a quieter affair. Once you sink down in your comfy highback chairs (or the sofa), you get to select your choice of tea from a trolley. There's about 40 choices from the fine tea-merchant Ronnefeldt - fruit, green, black and even herbal ones. Splashie Boy is partial towards the more aromatic fruit teas hence his choice is a ladylike pink Raspberry fruit tea while mine is a robust vanilla black tea, a favourite of mine ever since I discovered this in Mauritius (they're crazy about vanilla there and even the airline serves it). 

The tea is brewed in individual Narumi bone china teapots that are placed on top of a warmer. You can ask for the tea to be topped up with hot water that is placed in a tea samovar at the front of the restaurant. After waiting a while, you get served a three tier stand full of goodies.

Work your way down like Hansel and Gretel following a bread path from the savouries, scones and ending with the sweet chocolate treats at the end. It is the best ever food discovery. The scones are freshly baked and gorgeously light. You're served with shot glasses of spun white clouds of whipped cream (it's too soft to be the heavy dense clotted cream I used to get in Devon) for you to slather on your scones. There is also a choice of three mini jams from Bonne Maman - raspberry and strawberry preserves plus bitter orange marmalade. I love the savoury treats too - the wafer thin cucumber slices pressed between white bread, the decadent smoked salmon pieces artfully curled on the piece of bread, the discreet dab of chutney on the brie and ham bites, beef bacon quiches with a light airy crust. However my favourite childhood moment were the mini chicken pies. Topped with a puff pastry hat, these teeny weeny pies had a creamy chicken filling with mixed vegetables, just like those gigantic ones we used to get at Jaya Supermarket's bakery.

Reaching the third layer was a slow and steady trail, I wasn't too enthusiastic about the fruit tartlets even though they look so pretty with the edible gold leaf since the tart crust was a wee bit too hard. Neither was I game for the bright pink strawberry cream piped within my chocolate eclairs but I loved the light as air mango cheesecake. Surrounded by dark chocolate pieces, I savoured each bite of the cheesecake on top of each bittersweet chocolate piece. I left the brownie till the end as it looked dense but a bite at the bottom revealed a surprise find - pecans! A little on the sweet side, it was still very good especially with the raspberry mousse topping. For more pictures on the afternoon tea, see the Flickr set.

If afternoon tea is not your cuppa of choice, make way instead for their Sunday Roast Lunch that is filled with all the good things in life. There's of course, the customary Prime Rib - a huge hunk of meat that is sliced and served with very traditional Yorkshire pudding and of course, lashings of gravy. Various choices like roast lamb and a lovely salmon kedgeree en croute (wrapped in puff pastry) is also available.

The selection of items here may be smaller than other hotel buffets. However, the Ritz-Carlton emphasises on quality ingredients hence you will find everything is exquisite right down to your ala-minute tossed Caesar Salad. It's a deluxe version as not only is it tossed in a scraped Parmesan cheese wheel, they grate bottarga (cured fish roe) and adorn your dressed greens with black truffles. 

There's also artisan French Echire butter, ranked as one of the best butters in France, fin de Claire oysters shucked for you upon request and the list continues. I liked how the food is artfully presented especially the main appetisers - all tucked in beautiful jewellery boxes. Even the various terrines come with landscapes of their own crafted from gelatine, pink peppercorns, star anise and micro herbs. Incidentally, the terrines are also divine - the salmon one has a black caviar heart, there are some with a scallop one, filled with rich umami-tasting mushrooms and etc. One more item you should not miss on the appetizer table is this discreet looking foie gras, portobello mushroom and rocket ensemble - melts in the mouth with a burst of flavours balanced out with the slightly peppery rocket leaf.  

You also get a selection of Japanese appetisers on the side. There's an assorted sashimi, various types of makis and sushis. There's even deep fried fish and a colourful selection of fish eggs. Adjacent to the Japanese table, you will find a whole smoked salmon with all the tangy dips.

Leave room for desserts as they are all divine too. A magnificent tower of profiteroles in a form of a croquembouche take center stage here in front of an amazing wall of colourful macarons and cookies.

There are even chocolate displays to tempt you with  beautifully formed truffles, chocolate bars and a chocolate fountain. Dip the fresh fruits, marshamallows in the flowing chocolate or if you prefer there are even pre-dipped strawberries on the side, all prepped ahead for you.

I love the chocolate tart shaped like a boat that is filled with juicy fresh fruits. They're given an added elegance with edible gold foil. The lemon meringue pie comes with a tall fluffy meringue crown that balances out the slightly tart lemony taste.

Cheese lovers can zoom in on their cheese table filled with a good variety of hard and soft cheeses - bries, bleu cheese, camemberts, cheddar, goats cheese and etc. Dried fruits and fresh grapes are also available on the side for you to enjoy your cheese.  

Just a word on the mains, you have a choice that to pick from roast beef, roast lamb or the salmon en croute dish that will be served to your table. The salmon en croute is a magnificent looking dish in its delicate puff pastry shell with the soft yellow rice mixed with hard boiled eggs as the salmon was cooked perfectly.

You will find yourself spoiled for choices here. There's also a trio of musicians to entertain the guests. For a whole lot more pictures, see my Flickr set.

Ah, weekends...aren't they wonderful? Two days of utter bliss to do whatever you wherever you fancy. So how do you indulge during the weekend? Cook at home or just eat out at the places you wish to try. Do share your experiences.

The Lobby Lounge
The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Imbi

Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2142 8000

(Pork free. Afternoon tea is available daily from 3-5pm except Sundays for RM68++ per person. Champagne afternoon tea is also available where you will be served a flute of Laurent-Perrier Champagne with the three-tier selection and tea for RM150++ per person. Sunday Roast Lunch is available from 11.30am to 3pm, every Sunday. It is priced at RM130++. For more pictures on The Ritz-Carlton's other dining offers, see my collection of pictures.)

*Notice: The reviewer declares that the Sunday Roast lunch review was by invitation from the restaurant. The afternoon tea was paid for by the reviewer.


Anonymous said...

My home away from home whenever I am in KL is the RC Residences. Great service always.

AugustDiners said...

excellent review. The Ritz has always been my favourite afternoon tea place, and im so glad they finally change their 3-tier offerings.
So far i have not tried their sunday roast lunch, but it does look pretty promising!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i miss the sunday roast, got to check if the sunday is free when i come back in march!

J said...

Looks like the perfect way to wind down a weekend... :D

minchow said...

Tea and roast lunch - I won't bother with choosing, I'll have both thanks!! :-)

Kenny Mah said...

Devil & I wanna be Hansel & Gretel too... working slowly down, from tier to tier, on all the afternoon tea goodies! :D

Baby Sumo said...

I love the afternoon tea and Sunday Roast here too. Such a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Michelle Chin said...

I dare say that the tea here is really good. :) Like even better than shangri-la. :D

ai wei said...

i wan to pamper myself some good food this weekend. the past few days were... euuuuk. :( trapped in home to finish the never ending homeworks. :((((

Ciki said...

how come i don't remember the 1st part?! LOL.. must be two posts into one right? :D

smashing photos and artwork.. makes me wanna buy em as postcards!

Sean said...

after a lunch or tea like this, i guess dinner becomes completely unnecessary, rite? :D

Ellen Whyte said...

Expensive but luxurious.

Oliver Ellerton said...

Hi Cumi and Ciki,

We do have Sunday Roast postcards! What your address? I'll send you one!


daphne said...

ahh.. miss dropping by your blog! What a lovely afternoon tea! All the little dainty cakes and tarts.. is leaving me drooling!

boo_licious said...

Anonymous - I can imagine it must be excellent at the Residences as the service in the dining areas have been very good.

AugustDiners - It seems they change the afternoon tea offerings every 6 mths. Go try the Sunday Roast, it's great fun esp if you love to eat.

Joe - u're going to have a long list of yummy eats to tackle when you return!

J - yes, relax and pamper yourself here.

minchow - LOL, wise choice my dear. Both are different and good in each of its offerings.

Rebecca Saw said...

Can't wait for this end month! I dont I have had Sunday roast before! ;p

qwazymonkey said...

wow, the raspberry tea looks good. But your vanilla black tea sounds like black gold. I want

Rarebeet said...

oooh now i know what i want to do this weekend!

email2me said...

How to resist all these for high tea .... Sure lose control ... lol ... and there goes my diet plan ...

boo_licious said...

Life for Beginners - hee hee, I could not resist that phrase as we did feel like naughty kids being let out on a Sat afternoon to enjoy our trip to town.

Baby Sumo - great choice and thxs to you, I found out abt the great afternoon tea.

Michelle - not had the Shang one so can't really comment but it was very good. Scones are definitely a million times better than the "rock hard" ones in Harrods.

Ai Wei - poor thing! Go enjoy yourself this wkend, still have to leave the house or else how can u do yr CNY shopping?

C&C - LOL, memory lapse since the first one was only the both of us. Yup, everything is so picture perfect that I had a very hard time choosing pixs to place in the blog post.

boo_licious said...

Sean - guess it depends on each person, after that tea we were truly stuffed!

Au & Target - Au, maybe u can persuade the servunt to come here and take away some roast beef for your din din?

Ollie - LOL, I do love your postcards, esp the macaron wall one. Thxs for having us.

Hi Daphne, Happy New Year and yes, those teeny stuff were divine. Definitely the best way to kick back and relax.

thenomadgourmand - u'll enjoy it, it's a small but wonderfully thought out selection.

qwazymonkey - Ah, looks like we'll be fighting over vanilla tea one day. Luckily if we come here, we get our own individual pot each.

Paprika - hmmm, remember I so wanted to take you here for your birthday but then we met up on Sunday. Am sure Hunky will love the Sunday Roast with all that meat!

email2me - yeah, kinda difficult with a diet. Maybe focus on just the salads but that's definitely a big cop out with all that delicious food.

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I love the sweets of dessert and salty taste of meal and beef here. Fabulous.

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