Friday, April 02, 2010

Fresh Udon @ Sanuki Udon, Taman Bukit Desa, Kuala Lumpur

plain with seaweed and a poached egg, not too sure about the choy sum though

Busy! Busy! Busy, and also not in the mood to blog. That kinda sums up my lack of blog posting for this week. However, I did get a flash of inspiration to blog this time, after I finally cooked up the fresh udon I had gotten last weekend.

sweet tasting crispy vegetables

After work around Old Klang Road and since it was way past lunch time meaning probably very limited or no choices at the hawkers, I decided to drop by Sanuki Udon for a quick bite. Even after the lunch period, the place was relatively full with around four tables. People kept coming in and out including two Japanese men who were brought there by two local gals.

fresh udon - look at the lovely strands, topped with miso chicken, mushrooms and carrots

The simply outfitted place sits at a very quiet area behind residential houses. If it wasn't for the word of mouth, I doubt anyone would have have spotted this place. You go through the menu and tick with a pencil what you want: egg, seaweed, kariage and etc. I decided to go for the soupy version with a plethora of "additions" - a softly poached egg, wakame or seaweed and on the side the crispy deep fried carrot and onion shreds. There's also other choices: just with egg or a cha cheong minced meat sauce that strikes me as more Taiwanese! While I felt some items weren't very Japanese (there's choy sum in the dashi soup and chili sauce on the side), the selection is pretty simple and easy for the kitchen to churn up. Moreover prices are very reasonable and ideal for this kind of neighbourhood.

The noodle texture is good - slightly al dente but still soft enough. Didn't think much about the dashi soup or the other items within my bowl. I did enjoy the sweet taste of the kariage. As I loved the texture of the udon, I decided to get some for home - RM15 for a 1kg portion. Listening to the owner's instructions - treat it like wantan noodles, boil the frozen udon in hot water, then pass through cold water, wash out the extra starch under running water. I finally got to sample it last night at home. Being low on supplies, it was my favourite go-to recipe from Harumi Kurihara, her awesome minced meat miso sauce which I had cooked up a large batch. Looking through the fridge, I added mushrooms and carrot peels ran through with a vegetable peeler since I was lazy to cut into julienne. While I didn't get all the starch out, it was still very tasty and chewy. Yummy stuff that was slurplicious for a quick mid-week meal indeed. Next project for the remaining udon noodles - I reckon I should make my own version of black pepper seafood fried udon.

A quick chat with the owner the other day revealed also the following - he makes the udon noodles with Australian wheat flour and machine. At the moment, he is only making enough for his 7-month old Taman Desa outlet and his recently opened Menara Cosway outlet. Incidentally I reckon the customers are all "blogger-friendly" as when I snapped a quick picture, I could hear comments from my other diners across the room, " this place very popular mah on the internet already."

Happy Good Friday and Easter to everyone. Apologies for the absence.

Sanuki Udon
No.9, Jalan Bukit Desa 5
Taman Bukit Desa
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-7980 3704

(Pork free. Closed on Mondays. They also have another outlet in Wisma Cosway. After 5.30pm, they serve yakitori, a recent addition to the menu. Prices for the skewers start from RM2 onwards.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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qwazymonkey said...

Yealo, this place's even more popular now cos it's on Masak-Masak!

I also very busy and lack of mood to write a post. Hope things get better over your end soon.

Ellen Whyte said...

We've been twiddling with this Followers thing and have added you. Hehehe, now we can see when you blog...

Want to meet for a drink end of next week????

Julian Si said...

Drooooooool... FRESH!? :-)

I miss gooooooooood food, closest thing I get here in the Middle East is the 2 Malaysian cafes!!

boo_licious said...

monkey boy - yes, too much work makes me not want to post. Hope your side is also better.

Au & Target - been missing u fellas. Sorry, can't do drinks next weekend, busy busy with deadlines. Maybe in the third weekend of April? Life shld be back to normal then.

Julian - can always ask wifey to make some for you??

Ciki said...

oo, i love it when boo gets a burst of inspiration, i do! LOL

too bad about the dashi soup though.. but i like the sounds of the noodles!

minchow said...

Can't fathom this place being in such close proximity. Am I suffering from realist withdrawal? I really gotta make a trip here soon. Hope work gets better Boo!

WP said...

i don't know what's wrong with me, but i saw french udon for a while there.. I was thinking wtf is french udon.. lol... the food looks good btw... nice pics :)

worldwindows said...

Good fresh noodles is worth its weight!

thule a.k.a leo said...

even so, both places are quite far from PJ :(

J2Kfm said...

On a side note, snapping photos of food in KL come across as almost secondary nowadays, nobody really cares much even if you're brandishing a DSLR and snapping away.

But I still get stares when I snap mine around Ipoh, or towns around Perak.

I would have imagined them fainting had I owned a DSLR.

Jade said...

Black pepper udon would be amazing. Wagamama does a version of udon in a tamarind-based gravy so you end up with a dish that is essentially pad-thai's fat cousin. So good and so easy to replicate at home :)

Unknown said...

haha the remark by the diner across the table is funny

Unknown said...

@Leo : Not that far! We GPS'd our way there recently ;)

@boo : Wanted to tarpau back some fresh udon to cook at home. But will be traveling for the better part of April, so I'll visit them again soon :) Can imagine the many ways I can prepare the udon in the comfort of my own kitchen!

Happy walker said...

nice food..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Yummy! I'm there almost every week, so if you're in town, gimme a buzz and we can meet over Udon. :-D (and Udon Man) :-D :-D

Kenny Mah said...

Ooh, dunno how I missed this post! And I'm back from Tokyo so gimme a buzz anytime you nak pegi... Sanuki Udon is just five minutes from my condo. :D

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Yaz said...

Visited the place. Pretty good, and prices are more then reasonable. I also tried the yakitori, not bad but I can't really compare since I haven't tried yakitori in Malaysia. Had the gizzard (love that) and mushroom (overly salty) yakitoris.

Also happened to be in Wisma Cosway so I went to their branch there as well.

For those who are interested, it's on the first floor. Take the escalator up, walk a couple of feet straight ahead until you hit a shop, turn 90 degress to your right and walk straight on for about 30 feet. Shop's on the left. Same standard as the one in Taman Desa. Unlike Taman Desa though, it closes on Sundays instead of Mondays for the working crowd.

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