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Dining Out @ Dish, Dua Annexe, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

elegant flower decor

I confess I'm a great fan of Delicious probably because, I know I can always get great salads there (my fav is the Vietnamese Chicken - one ginormous plate of crunchy greens I heart a lot), way beyond my dinnertime since they open till very late. Bangsar Village I's D'lish was also a favourite hangout (during their deli days) to grab a quick bite, whenever we did grocery shopping (my favourite was the old fashioned coconut tart). Then when delicious ingredients opened, that's where all my hard earned monies went to - stocking up on chocolates, luxe ingredients like truffle salsa, duck fat and etc. Hence, when I inadvertently discovered, Dish had opened its doors, I was a little excited and all ready to give it a try.

1. roasted bone marrow, piping hot from the oven, 2. you get Maldon flaky salt here, 3. the eco-friendly bread box

Touted as their "fine dining" establishment, Dish is set within the confines of delicious ingredients at Dua Residency. Not very fine dining ambience but more like a deli-like atmosphere I felt (reminds me a little of Neroteca). Here, you get full service here (very attentive staff unlike the other Delicious outlets, where you sometimes want to pull your hair out!), little touches like flowers in elegant glass vases, Maldon flaky salt on your table and complimentary chocolate truffles at the end of the meal.

sublime pan fried foie gras served with a sweet Muscat reduced sauce and grapes

In the menu, you'll find dishes that use items from the deli such as the pastas, the bone marrow which I've blogged before, meats and etc. The roasted bone marrow definitely caught Ciki and Lyrical Lemongrass' eyes (and tummy) since that's the ultimate foodie item and considered Anthony Bourdain's ultimate last meal. It's a huge platter of bones (about 3 large ones) served wth a caper parsley salsa and toasted baguette (RM28). One advice to all of you, share these among a few people as it's one helluva rich tasting item.

1. comforting steamed mussels, 2. hearty lamb shank pasta

The Ravenous Rabbit & I enjoyed the sinful foie gras - hers was Dish's own made parfait served with raspberry jam (RM38), while I had the pan seared version with a sweetish but divine Muscat reduced sauce and grapes (RM58). Gorgeous stuff, as my foie gras was cooked to perfection and went so well with the slightly sweet sauce. They served it on top of a toasted brioche, that seemed to absorb all the juices of the foie gras. Yums! Apart from these items, I also like the steamed mussels with tomatoes, chillies, onions, thyme and a dash of white wine (RM28) - a very comforting bowl especially on a cold rainy night eaten with loads of toast and bread. Other starters you can pick from are fresh US oysters, lobster omelet, which I have heard is very good from Sean, slow confit of salmon, roasted tomato soup, melted raclette cheese (something I always eat at La Suisse, Plaza Damansara), beef carpaccio and smoked duck salad. A word on the wine here, it's pretty reasonable as we shared a very nice Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc for about RM140 (I think) for the meal.

1. argula salad, 2. duck fat roasted potatoes, 3. loads of meat with the prime rib, 4. foie gras parfait.

Moving on to the main meal, carnivores will love this place as they serve a variety of steaks such as striploin, ribeye, t-bone steaks with a minimum thickness of 2 inches from the US and Australia (including black angus, wagyu marble). We went for the huge US prime rib with the bone in - a huge chunk of meat at about 1.5kg (a whopping RM178 per kg) to be shared among a few of us. It came nicely chargrilled (with those pre-requisite grill lines I love) with a medium pinkish center. The meaty bits were very nice but unfortunately, it also came with a lot of fat, which we discarded. Here, you can ask for your steak to be served blue or blood rare, where they just sear it quickly with an inside that is still cold and reddish. They also serve a variety of sauces with the meats, beef jus reduction, chimichuri, truffle butter, green peppercorn, mustards and etc. We went for the truffle butter that was very good with the steak but we didn't quite like the
chimichuri - a tangy mix of parsley and garlic. You can also order sides to share - argula salad with thinly shaved Parmigiano Reggiano (RM12), duck fat roasted potatoes with rosemary (RM12), portobello mushrooms with thyme (RM12).

flame to cook sublime crepe suzettes

If meat is not your thing, go for the hearty pasta like the comforting bowl of lamb shank cooked for seven hours in a rich tomato stew (RM48) or the lighter tasting grilled tiger prawns with fresh herbs and chillies (RM58). While I loved the pasta, one didn't think much of the prawns though as they weren't as bouncy as we liked. They also serve fish, duck, lamb, chicken, more pastas including a potato gnocchi.

aah, classic desserts are still so good

Once the main meal was out of the way, it was time for desserts. First, it was the crepe suzette, the classic dessert, which they nicely let us snap pictures when they prepared it at their kitchen. I've always been fascinated (since young) with the flambe part, when the cognac goes in and it's lit up. Thumbs up to the crepes, really good especially with a dollop of Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream (RM18).

yummy desserts to end the meal, complimentary chocolate truffles and the gorgeous pavlova

We also loved the Black Forest Pavlova with fresh cherries and Baileys whipped cream (RM18). The texture of the pavlova was nice and crisp (not the chewy type like Delicious) and the fresh cherries weren't too sweet. One didn't really taste the Baileys though in the whipped cream and at one time, we thought it was kirsch! Nevertheless, it was very good and sublime. We ended with complimentary chocolate truffles, which the rabbit shadow got a taste of.

Overall, I definitely won't mind coming back to try the other items especially the pastas, the other steak cuts and the desserts (seems the Earl Grey Tea cream is also nice). However, be warned as it may burn a hole in your pocket since prices are definitely way beyond Delicious. The seating is also quite limited but one has no idea if it gets packed during the weekends since not many people know of its existence. More pictures can be found on Flickr.

Dua Annexe
Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur

(Pork free. One does not have the tel no here, so maybe you can call delicious upstairs at 03-2166 2066 instead. Open for lunch and dinner.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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Wilson Ng said...

pictures nicely taken...

eiling lim said...

Everything looks good. You're good at taking food pictures! Is Dua Annexe the Duo Residency?!!

boo_licious said...

Thxs test translate.

Hiya Wilson. aiyoh, play play only.

eiling - Dua Annexe, next to Dua Residency. Give it a try, only don't expect fine dining ambience.

Rebecca Saw said...

not much seats rite?
but the wouldn't hv knwn from steppin into the plc. kinda like a grocer shop at 1st ;p

worldwindows said...

Comprehensive and enjoyed it vicariously.

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Rarebeet said...

Mmmmm lovely post and fab photos as always. Love the KKB photos, very atmospheric.

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