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Sushi Buffet @ Mizu, TTDI Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

claw your way here for a relaxed buffet..

The long weekend was a great break, we caught up with friends and family for very long lunches and dinners. Filled with lots of great food and fun, I reckon I have enough to keep all of you entertained for quite some time. Before I launch into today's review, I received a nice update from Sunny Lim who informed me that Krispy Kreme fans don't need to wait long. The first outlet in Berjaya Times Square should be rolling out its first sweet and sticky glazed doughnut next month. Can't wait to go try the sugar laden goodie even though I'll be away for the first week of April.

"order as much as you like" nigiri sushi

Back to today's review, been a while since I blogged about Japanese food that I am definitely suffering from withdrawal effects. Mizu in Bangsar Village has always been my regular dining spot. Food is always great and we have our regular favourites; the super tender beef cheek, mizu special roll, saba shioyaki, thick cut salmon sashimi with sweet and delicate dobin mushi. I first heard about the buffet from

Klue's website, hence I asked the people in Bangsar's Mizu, what it was all about. The sushi buffet is on for Sunday (lunch and dinner) and unlike the other places in town, here you pick what you want from a list of items. It reminds me a little of Iketeru's buffet also but unlike Iketeru no limit on how many orders you place at one time.

grilled shishamo fish with treasure within...teeny weeny eggs

Priced at RM100++ per pax, not a lot of people are queueing up for this buffet and surprisingly the people patronising it are the Japanese. When we dined here, we only saw 3 tables ordering the buffet and we were the only locals. The start you off with the first course and the 2 most expensive items - toro (tuna belly) and uni sushi, which can only be ordered once followed by the soup of the day. Then it is up to you to select from a list of items that range from snacks like edamame, a large variety of makis (handrolls or cut ones), vegetables, grilled items, sashimi, tempura items and etc. Seperate pieces of paper will be given to you to fill up what you like for nigiri sushi (chutoro, maguro akami, toro binchou, kanpachi, madai, shime saba, sake aka salmon, sake harasu tataki, aori ika, hokkigai, tako, ebi, nama hotate, kani kama, amaebi, akagai, aji, kinmedai, hirame, hamachi, mekajiki, mentaiko, unagi, tamgo, inari, shime kohada, ikura, negitoro and tobiko).
We had a lot of food since there was 3 of us eating - shishamo fish with its cholestrol laden eggs, loads of buri (a type of yellowtail) sashimi, salmon sashimi, salmon carpaccio, makis, grilled cod, oden, fried beef, deep fried oysters, unagi and etc, etc, etc, etc. To view our gluttony, see the Flick set.

our favourite buri sashimi, each order gives you 3 thick slices

The verdict on this buffet - it is good for those who like to relax rather than fight with people or queue up for their food. Here you order in a leisurely style and also eat in an easy pace. However, the list that you have to choose from features only the dish's name and its Japanese name, so those unfamiliar with Japanese terms will be very confused and find it difficult to order unless they keep asking the wait staff. Freshness is definitely better here with grilled and deep fried items delivered straight to you after it comes out piping hot. The price of it will also deter a lot of people but considering the first course of toro and uni sushi will already set you back for RM50 here, it is still a good deal. While most of the items were fresh, one item fell foul with us was the binchou butsugiri as it was a little too soft and flaky for our liking. Another thing we didn't like was communicating with the service staff especially getting a booking was very painful as they don't seem to understand English very well. Note also they seem to give you an extensive selection for nigiri sushi and makis vs sashimi; I reckon this is just to fill up your tummy quickly with rice.

C-2-1 TTDI Plaza
Jalan Wan Kadir 3
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03-7728 6498

(Pork free. Call ahead to book a space as the service staff seems confused if you don' book ahead even though you won't find it fully occupied. Price is RM100++ per pax. You will also be charged for any wastage. Discounted prices are also available for kids.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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Rebecca Saw said...

hhaaha.that's malaysian for u,no 50% off, u dont see a queue! but for quality,this is definitely much better..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

finally a buffet that you dont have to fight to get into!

Jean said... looks great! I love sushi..
I went to Rakuzen Sunday buffet before, it's cheaper(only RM55++).. but this one serves tuna belly! OMG!!

J2Kfm said...

Rakuzen still got the lunch buffet?
tempted lah .... :)

least half the price.

minchow said...

Enough with serving staff that I cannot communicate with, please! I find that a bigger turnoff than having to pay full price!

Sean said...

ooh, too bad their foie gras handrolls aren't in the buffet ... that's my favorite a la carte item at mizu! still seems like a fair deal though, but yeah, i usually avoid sushi at buffets for fear of getting too full too fast...

myCoffee said...

The various sushi looks really good. This is also reminded me when Kampachi used to have "ala carte" buffets on Saturdays. At that time, it was a steal at about RM5X++ only. *Sigh* The good old days..

migrationology said...

Looks amazing and extremely fresh!

Ciki said...

exxxxpensive ler this buffet... esp when Jap rest are slashing like crazy. But good place to go coz I dont wanna queue ;)

KY said...

ahhh, this actually looks pretty awesome, must check it out one of these days!

boo_licious said...

nomadgourmand - I wonder how the Xenri's buffets are, will know next weekend when I go.

Joe - LOL, I thot that is Zipangu's buffet?

Jean - yes, tuna belly and uni, 2 items you never get in buffets.

j2kfm - no idea abt Rakuzen, maybe u just call and check. It is the Chulan Square outlet.

550ml - hahaha, I totally agree. I was abt to throw a fit at them also.

Sean - yeah, the foie gras is done really well here. At least they give thick slices vs thin slices, so you get a contrast of textures.

mycoffee - I remember going for that. Loved it too esp when I sat in front of the sushi counter.

Mark - some misses though with one of the sashimi.

ciki - yeah, that is why no one eats at this buffet!

KY - hope you like it. We do becoz we hate fighting with people.

Unknown said...

Mizu has one of the best lunch buffets in town, very good quality stuff.. MUST TRY their beef teriyaki! very dreamy :) Good value too compared to the ones in Starhill.

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