Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kindori Ice Cream @ Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

creamy mango and pineapple flavoured ice cream

A sweet but healthy filler for today. We had this creamy ice cream when we visited Papa John's ages ago. A Taiwanese innovation, it uses blast frozen fruits (said to help keep those good vitamins we need inside it) that are mixed up with milk to form this creamy and soft ice cream, as and when you place your order.

Personally I found the fruits taste not very distinct and subtle, which means it is au naturel vs artificially enhanced with preservatives and flavouring. We also had the banana ice cream that was a little stronger tasting. You get to pick and choose what kind of fruits you prefer and they also allow mixing two fruits together. If fruits are not your thing, go for classic chocolate and matcha flavours. Pricewise, it is not cheap and I remember paying about RM6-8 for this.

Kindori Ice Cream
3rd Floor
Near the cinema
Berjaya Times Square
Kuala Lumpur

(Pork free. Kiosk is near the cinema. For more details, go to
their website.)

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I said...

I got this morning and the first thing that hit me was 'i want to have NEw Zealand TIp TOp Mango ice cream' and then i arrived at ur blog and saw this ! LOL!What a sign

Sean said...

i went to bts just to try this after reading the klue review. really liked it; it was not as sweet as regular ice cream, and it seemed healthier. they were having a buy 2, free 1 promo, so we had three cups: blueberry + strawberry combo, sumiyaki coffee and wasabi. the wasabi was favourite. :D

Rebecca Saw said...

low fat somemore..very suitable for me hhaha

Ciki said...

creamy and soft is good! btw, did it melt fast? i hate icecream that melts before u can even taste it

Jean said...

Wanted to try this but also miss the chance...Lol
(I can't bring a ice cream into cinema....)

sc said...

sounds and looks nice nonetheless..

boo_licious said...

kalaiselvi - yes, it is a sign to say mango is good for u....

Sean - oooh, wasabi would have been interesting. Cool, must give it a try the next time.

thenomadgourmand - healthy and low fat with fruity flavours, what more can u ask for.

ciki - not that fast melting but then we were in an aircond place so it won't like melt straightaway.

Jean - oh well, I guess it is for our own good, since it means cleaner seats in the cinema.

sc - it's not strong tasting and will appeal to those who like it natural. Do give it a try.

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