Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

The must-have for my mum - salmon sashimi

I've blogged about Sushi Zanmai before, at their first outlet -
Sunway Pyramid. This is their second outlet, which remains super popular with everyone. Another new place is at 1 Utama. We were at the Gardens for a bout of shopping. Checked out the Robinsons sale but nothing exciting at all. Was assessing some outlets at the Gardens - some looked pitifully empty while others were packed with people like Din Tai Fung, Fong Lye and this place, Sushi Zanmai.

Creamy avocado slices top this yummy Dragon Maki

No prices as Splashie Boy misplaced the receipt! but it was all pretty reasonable even though we ordered quite a lot of items. Service was a bit slow but we got our items pretty quickly once we placed the orders. There was one mess up - they served me Tsukune Soba vs Tenzaru Soba but the lady who served us came up and apologised for the mess up. I thought that was good and extremely professional of her.

Tiny portion of gyudon - a Splashie Boy tummy filler

We ordered the usual favourites - salmon sashimi for my mother and her absolute favourite - the Saba Shioyaki. Takes a while for the grilled fish to arrive as they need to take time to grill it but it's nice and juicy, hence worth the wait.

The wait till your jaw falls down Saba Shioyaki

Other favourites were the Gyuniku Enoki Rolls. It looked better in Sunway Pyramid plus they didn't slice them into half like here. Tastewise, it was also better in Sunway Pyramid.

The misplaced cold soba which the kitchen thought was Tsukune Soba

New favourites here were the Unagi Tofu - it is basically agedashi tofu topped with unagi and a bit of the sweet sauce. I love that dish and it is always a must-have for me, when I dine here as I love the combination of soft tofu with the slightly sweet unagi.

light and crispy tempura

Even the maki was exceptionally good - with melt in the mouth creamy avocado slices topping it. I can't remember what we ordered but I reckon it is the same one we featured before.

my fav dish - unagi slices on top of agedashi tofu

Splashie Boy's tiny gyudon was a good way to fill up the tummy but leave some room for all the extra food we had ordered.

Splashie Boy's must-have - Gyuniku Enoki Roll

I finally got my cold soba with the crispy tempura. Not as good as freshly made soba from Kampachi but still a very decent meal. Overall, it was a pleasant meal and I'll definitely return here when I am at the Gardens.

Sushi Zanmai
Lot T-217
Third Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 2282 1160

(Pork free. Open from 10am to 10pm daily. Part of the Super Sushi group who also owns Sushi Zen and Pasta Zanmai. Other Japanese restaurants under the group are Rakuzen, Zen and Kura at One World Hotel. If you wish to see the whole menu, click on the website. )

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.


Precious Pea said...

I heard their outlet in 1Utama is very packed too. This is one place I am very tempted to try.

MochaSourcream said...

Ya ya... it was really packed last Sun when we were in 1 Utama... maybe better to go on weekdays?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pretty packed when we went for lunch that day..

WeeN said...

The 1st time i went to The Gardens' outlet, it was packed and hot! The food was good nonetheless and the staff were friendly.

One thing I mind about this place is their green tea. Somehow the hot one is not hot enough. =/ The first time I had in Sunway Pyramid, they served my hot tea cold. Hmm..

But i like this place! As much as I like Ichiban Boshi in Pavilion!


theresa said...

unagi on agedashi!! its the best marriage for two.i guess you pay for what you get..and at this, its worth paying for the excellent food.

worldwindows said...

I am tempted to try the 1Utama one. Must be really good.

Julian Si said...

Slurp! I want some gyudon ...

Loved your photo of the Dragon Maki. I must keep improving my photo-taking!!

dizzy said...

I just HAD to reblog the first photo, I was starving and craving sushi and for some reason decided to check your blog. then i nearly passed out lah.

i don't know if you remember me, we were N82 ambassadors together I think.

anyways your awesome salmon photo now also has a second home: (and I credited you of course)

jasmine said...

it was really packed when I went too. even though i had no complaints about the food, i didn't really enjoy my meal so much as our seats were bit cramped and too near the entrance. must try again at an off peak hour.

choi yen said...

Have to Q up for 1 table that day for dinner. Tried the enoki rolls, taste quite salty.... ~.~

AA said...

I went there on Sunday night around 20:45. The place was pretty full with patrons. I ordered what boo_licious and friend ordered. We also tried the Gyoza and the Soft Shell Crab Temaki. I must say I didn't quite enjoy the dinner. The service was a bit 'kelam-kabut' and the waiters/waitresses was not courteous. I still prefer either Sushi King or Kampachi.

PureGlutton said...

Book ahead if you wanna eat at their 1U outlet. There's always a queue there, especially during lunchtime!

Pooi Yee said...

sushi zanmai is always my favourite

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