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Roast Duck & Siu Yoke @ Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, Capsquare, Kuala Lumpur

A time to reflect?

One of my fondest food memories as a teenager, was the introduction of London's food scene. To my uneducated palate, it was a whirlwind of flavours - starting from the first time I ate a full course Greek meal (believe me, the food and the partying never stops with a Greek meal), dug into babyback ribs and ate crispy onion loaf at the Chicago Rib Shack (incidentally, isn't it amazing the rib shack is back in London!) and of course, tasted the iconic roast duck from Four Seasons at Bayswater.

study of ze duck - first angle

It was definitely the juiciest and yummiest ever roast duck, I tasted. Not sure what was the secret? Were the ducks bigger and better???, I used to ponder. Whenever, I visited London, during my student days and even when I became an adult, dining at the Four Seasons was a ritual, I followed religiously. In fact, the last time I visited London, on the way back from Chicago, I made my pilgrimage to Bayswater and packed back a whole roast duck to share with my friends.

a bit bony perhaps?

Hence, when I heard through the grapevine last year, Four Seasons was opening an outlet here, I was flabbergasted. How, can it taste the same? since the ducks will be local ones. I do remember someone telling me a long time ago that ducks from the overseas are banned in Malaysia.

but not much fat, beneath the skin though

Anyway, I waited and waited as construction delays pushed the completion of the shopping mall to middle of this year. Finally, someone told me the place was opened, hence I knew I had to check it out on my day off.

the skin may be tender but not crisp

Located in a very obscure place, Capsquare - I call it obscure as the place may be big and snazzy but it is kinda dead (imagine super empty Coffeebean and Tea Leaf and Starbucks plus the Times Bookshop doesn't even open on Saturday!). I guess the mall will cater to the residents of Capsquare Residences. To be fair, loads of places have yet to be opened but still even though it comes complete with coffee and flicks from GSC, I don't think it's going to be as packed as Pavilion or Suria KLCC.

the dissapointing siu yoke - just leave your tummy space instead for the Pudu one

The decor of the place is nothing to shout about - just a modern Chinese place with no Chinese motifs, with not a customer in sight but luckily, there were roast ducks hanging from the open kitchen. Not wanting to alert the people, I decided to pack back my roast duck. By the way, service was kinda reminscent of London - the "I don't care you are the customer" attitude was also showing even when I placed my order. I also threw in with great measure, an order of roast pork. They also had char siu, guai fei chicken, soy braised chicken, pork ribs but I decided to try the roast duck.

Once I got home, I got a little accquainted with my roast duck, moving it around in a few angles, to shoot the feathered fella in its glory. Hmmmm, doesn't look very impressive, through my viewfinder. Maybe my memories must be failing me. I mean, it has been almost 10 years since I last ate it.

Feeling slightly dissapointed with its look, I decided to share my stash with my mother. At times like this, (when usually memories always cloud your judgement, it is best to have a second opinion). A bite of the first piece revealed that looks were deceiving. It may not have crispy skin but it the most juiciest and superbly tender duck I have tasted here. We both used our fingers, as it was the best way to savour the food - simply finger licking stuff. Not sure what's the secret but the meat was so good, we ended up eating half of the duck between two of us!!!! Incidentally, to fully enjoy your meal, eat it just plain without any sauce. If you have any leftovers (a big if!), use that sauce to fry the duck, as that goes so well together.

However, the roast pork was a big no-no, a quick taste of it revealed too thin slices, not crisp skin and no melt in the fat situation.
Robert Wong's melt in the mouth with crisp skin siu yoke over in Pudu, wins hands down - no contender here at all!

While, I truly loved the roast duck, I'm not too sure if others will be as enthusiastic about it as I am. I'm sure, everyone will be saying I can get the same duck in my own roast duck shop near my house, at cheaper prices. I guess that could be true but somehow for me, this particular roast duck, rules my tummy and all those sweet memories I have for London.

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant
Lot G16 & G17
No. 7, Persiaran Capital Square
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2698 9393

(Non halal. Open from 11.30am onwards for lunch and dinner. Other Hong Kong specialties are available - had a quick look at the menu, looks ordinary. Roast duck is RM25 for a half portion, while crispy roast pork is RM16 for a portion. The restaurant, is right next to Coffeebean & Tea Leaf. To get here, click on
Capsquare's website.)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Bangsar-bAbE said...

I love the duck from Four Seasons Bayswater. I eat half a duck myself. :P

They didn't de-bone the duck like they do in London??

theresa said...

gotta be kidding!! this is hard to believe.
i dont think it will be as expensive though,the bayswater duck+rice is 4.80pounds currently..i doubt it will as ex here.

J2Kfm said...

never heard of Capsquare, other than listed in TGV's list of cinemas. always thought it's in JB. =P

anyway, the shots made the duck looked good, or could it be the other way round? hmmm. ...

umami said...

I remember Chicago Rib Shack in its heyday, and was pretty shattered when it closed. A generational thing because my younger sisters don't get it. For me it was the place we went to for any kind of celebrations. Full rack with onion loaf, my plastic bib had no chance.

Next time I go to London I might check out the relaunched version.

Ciki said...

yum yum! but to tell you the truth, i wasn't big on duck in the broke then la.. during uni days.. i tell you one thing i do remember though.. the free sandwiches they served at the casinos.. haha.. Sunday roast though.. i loved with great gusto.. and am a sucker for the yorkshire pudding :D however, with your review... me and hubs should be heading down 2 the capsquare this coming wkd.. oh yes we should:D

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm.. the roasting looked perfect but the bite size is a bit too big as duck meat can be tough if not cooked properly. the roasted pork also looked quite impressive but RM16 for a portion can be quite costly. But then, I bought 300gms of roasted pork this morning for my home cooked noodles at RM12. Sweat~~

wmw said...

It's finally here...I had a taste of Four Season's roast duck in London in 2000! Will check it out. Right now, I-Po still has my vote for best roast duck :o).

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

argh1!!! bayswater london duck!..but wheres the sweet sauce and the fatty layers hiding below the skin?

still will soon as i figure out where cap square is..

jasmine said...

joe, it's off jalan dang wangi!

and oh, i do remember my pilgrimage to bayswater too. *slurps*

Julian Si said...

I remember my many MANY trips to Bayswater, more like a pilgrimage ... Four Seasons London. Nuff said .. Slurp :-)

Can't wait to try our local branch ... hmmmm!

ps - DucKing seriously rocks, lets hope Four Seasons KL can beat it!?

mingsuan said...

Wow thanks for the update, we will definitely have to try this out when we are home in November as my husband LOVES the 4 seasons duck in London like he loves his... wife. Maybe more. Ironically for once, I actually HAVE heard of Capital Square (have they now shortened it to Capsquare??)

Rarebeet said...

waaaahhhh Four Seasons is finally here!!! For me it was eating the roast duck with that sauce & oil soaked rice and strands of anaemic chinese lettuce that made London's winter seem almost beautiful.

SoRMuiJAi said...

OMG...that duck looks unbelievable! Its 11pm here, and I'm getting hungry!

boo_licious said...

bangsar babe - I can't remember them deboning the duck but this could be more for the duck rice portion??

Miss rosemary - it's RM8.80 for the single duck and rice portion, quite okay considering the London prices.

J2kfm - the duck actually tasted good, was kinda surprised as I didn't expect much.

umami - cool, someone who remembers the shack! I loved that place, so much. Somehow that made a better impression on me, vs Chicago's own ribs. I was a fan of that place, the Pizza Pan factory and of course Henry J Beans, one of my fav hangout places during my university days.

cumi & ciki - I didn't know they had free sandwiches in casinos. Cool! I love Sunday roasts too, it was the only thing I looked forward too esp when I staying in my halls of residence.

criz - not tough at all, this duck. Simply tender and amazingly juicy stuff.

wmw - hmmm, I had a very good one at Ipoh recently too, which I reckon was much better than I-Po.

Joe - see what I mean, this duck is skinny!!! Those London ducks are ginormous hence I can imagine the tons of fats they have also.

jasmine - just round the corner from pink sage!
Glad you enjoyed that place.

Julian - awww, I so wanted to eat Ducking on Friday but it was so packed with people, it was impossible. Guess one must make time again, this weekend for it.

Ming Suan - aiks! The Beijing duckies not good enuf? I have heard very good things abt them, how the skin melts in your mouth and etc???

paprika - sigh, I hated those dreary winters. No wonder, people get so depressed as the greyness of it all, used to get to me.

sormuijai - poor thingy, try and get some food???

Doroshi said...

Wow I love your very up-to-date food blog! I was bloggin on some roast duck restaurant and thinkin the four season tastes better. How i wish i could savor it. What a co-incidence to came in here to read ur blog n voila there's one here! :) least something here tat reminds me of London.

Rasta said...


arggghhhh thank god its 4am, id drive to kl right now if the shop was open!

but ya lah, the duck in uk somehow got more fat lah, and the fact its boneless makes it more balanced between the amonut of meat and fat. it took me a few months to really learn how to eat duck in kl cos of the bone and the strong taste of 5 spice they put in the carcass. but heck i still love duck!

ling239 said...

the roast duck looks really good !!!

fatboybakes said...

ooh, when i was courting the wife, i picked up a piece of 4 seasons roast duck, (in queensway), which had a slice hanging off it, and motioned to her with my chop stick to pull it off. she smiles sweetly and says "no thank you"...thinking i'm offering it to her. roll eyes. for a brief moment, i thought that first pic was of duck here at the new place. sigh, memories.

boo_licious said...

squirrelicious - hmmm, roast duck is in the air. Hope you get to try the place soon.

rasta - ducks are so fat and juicy in London. Dunno what they are fed. I reckon, while this is nice and juicy, it will never be as equal as the one we get in London.

ling239 - give it a try?

fbb - awww, so sweet of you to offer her a piece of duck. I would have been jealously guarding mine instead.

Unknown said...

i so have to try this the next time i'm back in KL, fyi I think Goldmine along the same row as 4 Seasons in Bayswater is Better for roast duck

and all london chinese restaurants debone the duck now if u ask them to...

mh said...

PasanKia tried and told me this (roasted duck) is very good, together with your good comment, have to find a day to try out ASAP.

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