Monday, July 28, 2008

WCB 164 - in honor of Sher

I had abandoned the blog for a while, since I was busy last week. Hence, I only got to hear about the tragedy, after the weekend is almost over.

While, I didn't know Sher from
What Did You Eat?, especially since she was at the other side of the world, we connected purely because, Upsie her cat bore a striking resemblance to my calico cat, Chiko. It is sad to hear about her death.

While, I can't make any of her wonderful recipes as a rembrance, I do give you Ally Cat's picture, who is all pensive and thoughtful, especially after these news. In terms of kitty matters, life has not been too good for us either (a reason why I stopped blogging on WCB), as we lost quite a few members, who crossed over to kitty heaven - mainly due to doggie mishaps, illness and etc. Even Chiko, the cat who looks so much like Upsie, left us recently as she had cancer.

Thanks to Astrid, from
Paulchen's Foodblog for organising this event, to remember Sher. I'll always remember her, the wonderful food blog she had and her compassion for her kitties and the squirrels she took in.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Such a pretty kitty! I love those big yellowish-green eyes!



Kitikata-san said...

Boo, so sorry to read about your kitty cats passing away. I am sad that Sher has passed away. I will miss her WCBs about Upsie, Sundance and Laura kitty cats and the squirrels. I have also missed you and your WCBs too.

boo_licious said...

jackson - yeah, I was trying to get rid of that pix of the other cameraman!

rosa - she's a sweetie this one, always loves me to pat her day and night.

kitikatasan - thxs for the kind words, I guess life has to go on. I'm sad abt Sher too, she was such a nice and sweet person. Hope she is with Upsie now.

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