Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apam Balik @ Seapark Market, Petaling Jaya

I reckon, I'm truly a Petaling Jaya girl at heart. Even though I live in Kuala Lumpur now, I still inevitably find myself trawling the streets of Petaling Jaya for food. One of the stalls I grew up eating at, is this apam balik stall located next to Seapark Market.

Since Seapark Market was the middle point of a daily school route for my mother, she used to frequent this place for her vegetables, meats and supplies. Just at the side of the market, in the morning when it is bustling with people is a small lane filled with stalls selling nasi lemak, fried noodles, local kueh, soy milk and tau fu fah and this stall, which sells apam balik.

Run by an old couple, the stall has been in existence for almost 20 years plus. You queue up to order your pancakes - whether it is a whole one or a piece. The husband will prepare the pancake by cooking a thick gooey mixture on hot plates. Usually they do two pancakes at one go.

Here, the apam balik is a bit thinner than the other stalls as they will press down the batter with the back of a spoon. This helps cook the pancake faster also. Once it is half cooked, he liberally sprinkles it with crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. I always ask for extra peanuts till it oozes from the sides of the pancake slices. Another unique method they use, a small fan to cool down the inside of the pancake, once it is removed from the hot plate. This prevents it from getting soggy after they pack it.
I can never resist the wonderful aroma of the just cooked pancake, hence I get burnt fingers or scattered peanuts in the car since I will be munching on each piece before reaching home. Do give it a try as it is extremely delish.

Apam Balik Stall @ Seapark Market
At the side lane parallel to Jalan 21/22
Petaling Jaya

(Pork Free. Open 7.00 am to 9.30 am and closed on Mondays. A piece costs 70 sens each and more, if extra peanuts is added.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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firethorn said...

aa~..the tempting apam balik..It's my favourite during my trips to the pasar malam.

I suddenly had a craving for it some time last week, and i just had to have it!

daphne said...

That's my FAVORITE when i visit Subang. So crispy and addictive!

ling239 said...

oh... gotta wake up early oh ~ =.="

PureGlutton said...

Hey, i go to this market quite often and have bought this pancake many times! You're right, this particular stall is better than most coz the pancake is thinner - almost like the ones they sell in ipoh :-)) I like the vegetarian food stall along this lane - they only open on the 1st & 15th days of the chinese calendar.

Jason said...

Another peanut post! Most of the time, I had the thick ones and less peanut (not good).

Unknown said...

We don't have this in the USA. I am looking and looking at you photo, and I just want to taste this oozy yummy treat!

HairyBerry said...

yupe, childhood is made up of nice food like these...there's just so much textures/flavours in the apam...personally, i will "tambah jagung"!!! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

my fav breakfast when i wake up in the mornings..thats when my mom used to buy back for me during my uni holidays..

now ar?..cant b bothered as i wake up for brunch most of the time..

Rarebeet said...

mmmmmm nothing like a bit of hot luscious carbs to start the day! I can't anymore, my waist looks like apam balik!

Christina Kim said...

In Penang, this was not Apam Balik, Apam vs Apam balik are slightly different versions of the thin vs the coconut milk pastry.
This is known as Pancake or the thick version of "Ban Cheng Kueh" in Penang...
But in KL, this is definitely the local favourite:)

Jun said...

ah... nothing like the wonderful aroma of childhood dreams :) coincidentally i jt had the same thing in imbi market 2 days ago, when i went thr for our usual breakfast of toast and hainan tea with my family.

sc said...

look at those peanuts oozing out! i'm drooling already..i love anything peanuts..yumz

Jagjit Singh said...

i have this for breakfast every other day!! SEA PARK rocks!! Love to have SEA PARK written on my IC !! hehe

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JOjo said...

Yum Yum,the peanut filling is Oozing out!!!~ Whee~
So does my saliva is gg to flow out *drool*
Peanut lover!

Ms One Boobie said...

One of my favourite snacks.. but in singapore. .they make it quite thick.. and i donch like that.. thin is good.. ;)

LianneK said...

ohhh .. i grew up eating his "ban chiang kueh" every sunday. my dad lah, once he spot yummy stuff, he'll be loyal for yearssssss.

email2me said...

No wonder I always miss it. It sold out damn fast. Too bad I woke up at 10+ every weekend. :(

Usually this size of pancake, people made it very thick. But this is absolutely perfect thickness! :P~~ Must go try liao since my office so near this area.

Jackson said... god! It look so delicious!!

wmw said...

So lip smacking...see the pics beh tahan!

boo_licious said...

firethorn - everytime I'm around the seapark area, this is a must stop and eat place.

daphne - hee hee! Subang will definitely have nice ones too.

ling239 - yes, or else gone liao.

pureglutton - ah, I rarely get to see that veg stall. Glad you also love this apam balik.

Jason - do try this one. Very good. I consider this one and the Taman Megah market to be one the best in town.

lannae - wish I could send u some!

nic - this one has no jagung though. just plain peanuts as it's not the crispy type.

joe - lazy lazy! U miss a lot of good food in the morning.

paprika - more carbs to come with nasi lemak!

christy - yes, in Penang they call the crispy one Ban Cheah Kueh.

Jun - ooooh, that imbi mkt's food is yummy. Now I feel like drinking the hainan tea.

sc - another peanut fan like Jason! We really can have a peanut party one day.

Jagjit - wow! Lucky you to eat this everyday!

Thxs Far for the tip.

Jojo - overflowing alright as I added peanuts. Very good stuff.

Mamabok - yes, thin is much better I reckon.

imbi and itchy - hee hee...we must have bumped into each other long ago too.

email2me - go try and it will be worth waking up early for it.

jackson and wmw - hee hee, if u 2 wake up early, can always take u there?

Flower said...

I missed eating apam balik so much that last bulan puasa I had to make one myself. Luckily the homemade one tasted as good as the hawker apam balik.

I prefer the thin and crispy. But thick one also sedap. Both way also tidak apa.

J.C. said...

Wow...those oozing peanuts make the apam looks deeeeeeeeeelicious!
Wish I have one now - hot, freshly-made apam!! Yum, Yum!

Eunice said...

ooh i LOVE these stuff! in fact i just put up a blog post (, not the blogger one!) of a recipe i tried out, LOVEE it!! totally have a weakness for em. especially the extra jagung inside. my dad's from penang so I also have all these cravings for good street food! I live just 5 mins from sea park, so thats our market where we buy it. I used to hate them cos they were soggy by the time my gramma got back with them from the market. heating them up made them to die forrr!

BTW try out the rojak!! let me know!

Julian Si said...

Glorious! Espesh on a rainy day ...


ps - The secret to this excellent Apam Balik IS that little fan :-) I think!

Chef Lyn said...

I used to buy their apam balik too,
they're really good but sadly they're not there anymore.According to the aunty,no one wants to take over the stall.I just went back to the little lane to buy some nasi lemak and found that they were gone.Sad :( I miss their apam balik

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