Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Deepavali - Sweets (Mithai) Galore

Happy Deepavali! Hope you have a great time celebrating the festival of light and enjoy the break. This year I didn't manage to make it to the Brickfields bazaars to get my supply of milk cake and rasmalai, my favourites. However, I did manage to snap quick pictures of what is there to offer at Lebuh Ampang. Although the selection is smaller compared to Brickfields, there were interesting items like these milk candies dyed to resemble the Indian flag colours - orange, green and white.

Some eternal favourites were also available like the Ladoos encrusted with bits of chickpea and made from gram flour (grinded chickpeas).

Another must have is the technicolour orange Jelebis. These deep fried sweets are dipped in an orange syrup.

Something unusual, this sweet which kinda looks like a crust between a curry puff pastry with a sweet filling.

These two sweets are the same except with different colours.

Another unusual item were these crackers dyed bright orange and yellow. The shops were stacking them high and using fish wire or cling wrap to keep the columns from collapsing. Most of the shops were selling pre-packed sweet or Mithai boxes. Filled with a variety of sweets, they are ideal as gifts.

If you wish to see more Indian sweets, click these posts:

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Cat Cat said...

Happy Deepavali Boo... I haven't seen Deepavali celebration for over 7 years now... Missed the deepavali kuih.

daphne said...

Happy Deepavali. Those colours never fail to amaze me.

teckiee said...

I cant really take orange Jelebis... tried many times but always found it too sweet for me. Happy Deepavali!

boo_licious said...

Cat Cat - never mind, see vide blog for pixs of those multicoloured sweets.

daphne - I know, very bright colours.

teckiee - must admit I only like the milk ones and not the colourful ones.

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