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Ramadan Bazaar @ Shah Alam Stadium, Section 13

This year's Ramadan Bazaar at Shah Alam Stadium is huge and exhausting to walk around. Since I usually walk around a few times, it got confusing after a while where everything was.
Last year, I featured the same stall selling this burung puyuh goreng pandan (deep fried quails with pandan leaf). This year, they were so friendly asking me to snap pictures of them deep frying the quails at the large woks at the back of their stall.

Lots of ayam golek (rotisserie chicken) stalls here and I even spied the Kelana Jaya stall owners. Usually one chicken is sold for RM12 and you can see one stall was trying to undercut the price to RM11. I bought one chicken from the Kelana Jaya Ayam Golek stall and it was juicy and yummy. Totally unlike the one you get in Kelana Jaya which was too dry.

This popiah stall is extremely famous - S S Ali. We read about it in the papers and they have stalls at a few Ramadan Bazaars. At the Shah Alam Stadium, they had two stalls located at seperate ends of the bazaar. However the people at the stall weren't exactly very friendly especially when I snapped the picture.

I take my hats off to these people who are grilling ayam percik especially in the hot sun. It's smoky and the heat is immense from the charcoal.

I like the folds in this curry puff which looks nice and crispy. Didn't get a chance to try it as I was lost trying to locate this stall again.

Something unusual at the Ramadan Bazaar - chicken or beef kebabs. This stall was also selling foot long sausages. Sadly the kebabs don't taste great as the fella overfries them on his hot plate making it too dry.

There's only two putu stalls in the whole bazaar - this Putu Bambu one which looked really inviting. This is made from ground rice flour which is packed in the bamboo tubes together with palm sugar. It's then steamed and once ready, they pop it out from the tubes.

A more familiar version is the Putu Piring which is like a small saucer. For this version, you need to use cloth to place the ground rice flour cakes to be steamed.

I liked how this stall was displaying their cendol i.e. in jugs that will be poured into plastic bags as and when you order. This cendol had lots of red beans and sago inside it. You can also get pulut i.e. glutinous rice to add on to your cendol. The coconut milk is mixed with gula melaka syrup to make it sweet.

This bazaar had lots of jellies which I remember from last year. I think I spied at least 3 to 4 stalls selling just jellies. There was this variety where they add coloured jelly strips into the container to create a stained glass effect.

There were these kind that is made in molds that shaped in flowers, stars and even Hello Kitty.

This year, they started sprinkling those sugar decorations you can easily buy at the bake shop in the jellies. Quite a good idea as it made the plain jelly look quite attractive.

This particular stall had the most varieties in different square trays. This jelly had attractive pink coloured dragon fruit or pitaya pieces in it.

They even added bread slices to the bright green jelly. It's not my first time seeing this as I remember coming across this type of jelly before in
Kampung Kerinchi.

There was even Marie Biscuits they added into the jellies. Besides this, I also saw her add whole grapes and dates to her jellies.

You don't usually get this Sarawak Layer Cake in Malaysia hence it was a surprise to see them selling it here. There was another stall also selling Sarawak Laksa and Coconut Jelly but because they were still not ready yet when I walked past, I decided not to snap any pictures.

Lots of cakes at the Bazaar - there were this cream cakes, cheese tarts and I saw one stall just selling chocolate cakes that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

This particular stall was very enterprising - they had labels for all their kuih so it made it easier to choose what you wanted. Lots of varieties also were available. We tried the Nagasari which has a banana inside which was yummy.

Something I have never heard of - Pulut Kertas. It looks a bit like doughnuts with it's sugar layer. Anyone can explain to me what is it made of?

This is Kuih Tepung Gomak, which is similar to the Chinese Lor Mai Chi. The glutinous rice dumpling and is dusted in the green bean flour.

If you do come to Shah Alam, be prepared to walk as there are so many stalls. I even spied some stalls selling clothes and cars at the side of the bazaar.

Ramadan Bazaar
Shah Alam Stadium
Section 13

(The bazaar is located at the car park of the Stadium and is in between Makro supermarket and Giant supermarket. Enter into the carpark just after Stadium Melawati.)

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Fulltime Mom said...

wow! looks good, the wares here! might pop by over the weekend.

Izad said...

Hey Boo!

Thanks for all your reviews. I too noticed there's more competition in the ayam golek department this year with the addition of the folks from Kelana Jaya. Oooh, and I just noticed that the stall next to it (which were already selling the chicken here in previous years) could belong to the folks running the Jaring restaurant. I might be wrong though ;)

Babe_KL said...

that cendol stall is really creative in presenting it's cendol, superb marketing strategy. i would buy from them definitely!

flymeng said...

Gambar makanan and kuih muih amat cantik. Pasti lazat. Terima kasih, Boo.

may said...

I wish that all the stall owners would come gather at a huge stadium, where I could stay in there and eat all day. and ta-pau some back for supper too! *sigh... so tempting...*

Anonymous said...

oh my god, i wanna visit this place!!!!!!!!! *drool* boo, u mean this bazaar located inside shah alam stadium?

Pinkity said...

T.T I am hungry!! So nice, too nice! I wan I wan!!!

Arena Green said...

You sure do make the effort to do a good job for this special Ramadhan postings - and it is really a job WELL DONE! I'm sure those lovely lovely pictures don't come easy, huh??

I suppose a word of thanks is appropriate for the very entertaining & informative postings which help to spread the message that MALAYSIA is beautiful - the country & its people too!

GFAD said...

I must really applaud you, boo! *clap, clap* For braving the crowds to bring us coverage of various bazaars!!
Food is such a passion to you, huh? Do you work in this industry?
Interesting way of decorating jellies. The green jelly is so psychedelic!! How does jelly taste like with biscuits and bread??

boo_licious said...

Fulltime Mom - it's so huge you can get confused. I know I did after a few rounds.

Izad - if they are from Jaring, it shld be good as I noticed they had a pretty good following when I ate at the restaurant. The ayam from the Kelana Jaya stall was juicy - was told the one at Kg Kerinchi is the most famous.

babe - nice presentation right? I love the colours in the jug. Very smart of them.

flymeng - No problems, as long as you book air ticket home next year to savour them.

May - hahaha! Because of the traffic jam, this is impossible but just visit any stalls near yr office or house as they serve the same varieties.

Meiyen - this is outside the stadium i.e at the carparks that surround the area.

Pinkity - tday better go and get some! Still got 3 weeks more.

anak merdeka - must promote Msia since we have one of the best hawker/stall cultures in Asia.

kat - no idea abt the taste! Think it will be soft. Shld be reaching the end of this tracking bazaar as I'm running out of places to go to.


assalammualaikum..salam kenal!

jenuh saya google..sampai le saya jumpa blog awak..

saya pinjam gambar putubambu awak ye.. bubuh dlm blog saya..


M.Sufian Ismail said...

ayam golek paling sedap yagn pernah teman makan adalah di stadium shah alam,dia bakar masih menggunakan arang,pehh!! sedap tu... skrg aku tgk byk ayam golek dh guna gas,tak sedap betul bakar pakai gas,aku harap tempat yg aku beli nie masih mengekalkan keasliannya nyamm..nyam...ayam golek zaharah klu tak salah namanya...

Anonymous said...

mohon copy pic ye.letak dlm blog.smlm xsempt snap.sedap2 la mknn.huhu.teruja.tq

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