Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ramadan Bazaar @ Section 6, Kota Damansara

I decided to do a completely new Ramadan Bazaar and it took me a while to search for this one as it's pretty far away since it's located at the end of Kota Damansara. It's not too big and you can find the stalls around the shophouses at Section 6, Kota Damansara.

It's interesting to note that this was the only Ramadan Bazaar which I have came across that was also selling Muruku and Indian sweets. I suspect there is quite a large Indian community around this area as I spied an Indian family buying sweets from the trader.

You can find Roti Jala - the lacy pancake at a few stalls at this place. What was the most unusual was this stall called Wahid at one end of the bazaar which sold their roti jala with sambal sardine or serawa durian. The stall owner advised that this is a Kedah specialty where you can eat your roti jala with the sweet durian sauce. I bought a small portion to try out and it was pretty good.

This bazaar's stalls all have interesting names - there were two Roti John stalls. One was named Brother Bob which had special toppings like cheese and black pepper sauce and this particular one which served Roti John Mama and Papa. Kinda cute the way they named the food as Roti John Mama was a smaller version while the Papa was the full length version. I like how they cut the Roti John in smaller slices making it easier to eat and it was pretty tasty too.

You also get various Murtabak stalls here with different names but the one which I had to snap a picture was this particular one named after the Japanese cartoon character,
Doraemon. There's nothing special about their murtabak but I suspect Obachan will find this amusing.

You can also get serunding here which has been brought in specially from Kelantan. My favourite snack especially when I was overseas as it was great with bread and rice whenever I felt homesick for Malaysian food.

Each bazaar has their own trend and besides the funny name stalls, I also noticed quite a few stalls selling fruit juices as drinks.

I guess the people at Kota Damansara are a very healthy lot as there were also two fruit stalls selling various kinds of fruits including pre-cut watermelons.

This is a kuih which I love from my childhood days - Kuih Lompang. These small steamed rice cakes is made from pandan paste to give it taste and colour and sprinkled with freshly grated coconut. I've always preferred them small like these as they're made in chinese rice wine cups.

One stall got inventive and made these interesting chocolate glazed doughnuts that looked really tempting.

Not sure what was inside this sweet bubur but it was so colourful that I snapped a quick picture of it.

I've been looking around for
Kek Batik and found one stall that sold it here. Essentially Kek Batik is made from Marie Biscuits that is coated in a fudgy sauce made from condensed milk, eggs, Milo and butter. It's then placed in a container and chilled till it's set. Sadly it wasn't chocolatey enough unlike this particular stall I found at Kelana Jaya's Ramadan Bazaar which is selling a delicious version.

Ramadan Bazaar
Section 6, Kota Damansara

(Shophouses near the McDonald's Drive Thru restaurant and Pro Jet. If you are coming from Ikea, Mutiara Damansara, you will need to drive straight down all the way until you see McDonald's. Turn left inside and go straight. Turn right into the shophouses and the bazaar is around the commercial area. Note that the drive is pretty long from Mutiara Damansara as Section 6 is quite far in.)

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Unknown said...

Boo, tell me, are these Ramadan Bazaars only around during Ramadan? How many Ramadan Bazaars are there? The food varieties look so yummy!

Jo Kontan said...

OMG Boo !,

You really went all out to Shah Alam + Kota Damasara, Ramadan Bazaars. !!

Do you know that Ramadan Bazaar is also known as PaRam (Pasar Ramadan) ?

Best !!

PabloPabla said...

Come to RB Desa Pandan. Got popia with loooonnngggggg queue.

boo_licious said...

jackson - how was Bangkok? They're still partying away even though there was a coup. Hope you snapped lots of pixs.

lannae - they're only available this whole month. If business is good, some of them pack up early at the last wk and go back to their villages which is usually outstation. Lots of Bazaars as they cater for different areas.

jokontan - wow, didn't know that fact. Thxs for advising me.

pablo pabla - I thought I read Desa Pandan or was it Pandan Indah is not nice? Can't remember which as I heard bad reviews from Mahaguruasia's blog.

PabloPabla said...

Betul kah? Actually, I don't really know. My fav stuff from the bazaar is sugar cane juice! LOL!

boo_licious said...

pablopabla - it's desa pandan that he had a bad experience at, one stall owner sold him stale kuih!

Fashionasia said...

i think i shall ban myself frm visiting your site this month bcos
1. u totally make me drool
2. it is bad for my diet
3. u reminded me of the good ol kelantanese food that i miss so much...


boo_licious said...

flymeng - they are usually beef. Kinda like the floss we usually make except it's spicy.

fashionasia - sorry!

The Alia said...

speaking of the ramadhan bazaar at kota damansara, the kelantanese stall at the end of the row of stalls sells the most sublime nasi kukus and nasi kerabu. it is so so good!

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