Thursday, September 21, 2006

King Crab Feast @ Jogoya, Starhill Gallery, KL

I was wandering around the Relish floor of Starhill Gallery and spied this promotion brochure. Thought I will share it with all of you as I notice I seem to get quite a lot of hits from people searching for information with regards to Jogoya.

They're having a nine day King Crab Feast or Theme Feast (from 22 September till 30 September,2006) whereby you get to taste twelve different types of King Crab dishes every day. If you dine during their Buffet Lunch or Buffet Late Lunch for 8 persons and above, you are given a free Theme Feast Cuisine for one person's portion. It's on a first come first serve basis and is limited to twenty portions per day.

The grammar on the brochure is quite bad because of the translation from Chinese to English hence I hope I have got all the details down correctly. They are also running a lucky draw and if you're the lucky diner, you get a Buffet Late Lunch voucher worth RM68. There's also a supper promotion until 9 November, 2006 - for every five adult diners, you pay only for 4 persons. It's only valid for Sunday supper to Thursday supper excluding mooncake festival dates. You must present the coupon which can be downloaded from their website, (Aaargh! Their website is in Mandarin, I tried to check if the coupon is available but my Mandarin is hopeless. I guess you may get it from the front desk as they had loads of the brochures with the coupons in front of the restaurant. Updated on 25/9: I found the voucher, it's at this link and found under the News section in their Index.)

Do double check with them on the details as this was extracted from their brochure.

T3, Relish Floor
Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2142 1268

The prices for the buffet are:

Buffet Lunch - RM78++
Buffet Late Lunch - RM68++
Buffet Dinner - RM88++
Buffet Supper - RM78++

Opening times: 11.30 am to 1.00 am (Monday to Friday), 11.00 am to 1.00 am (Weekend and Public Holidays)


J said...

Sounds so tempting!

I am trying to avoid all buffets tho - it's my own fault: no self control+kiasu.


smoking salmon said...

eh... someone told me the buffet dinner is 100 bucks?? sounds too good to miss... got to go check it out once my wallet fills up.

tihtahpah said...

one of the best buffet in town..!

MeiyeN said...

boo, hmmm.....must have at least 8 pax to try da king crab?

boo_licious said...

J - yeah, buffets are really bad for the waistline.

smoking salmon - the prices vary for when you go as per the pricing at the end of the post. It's good if you love variety and seafood.

tihtahpah - wow! u must be a regular there?

meiyen - nope you don't need to have 8 pax to eat the King Crab. That is for the special promo to get one free King Crab dish. Maybe you can try this out and blog abt it.

laymank said...

I tried to check out the jogoya web link you provided in your post, hoping can give you the direct link to the voucher, but it hit into 'page not found'.


boo_licious said...

laymank - adjusted the web address. You need to click at the bottom of it to get into their index and then the news section to get to the voucher. I have added the direct link to the voucher for you.

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