Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Shanghai Tang Spring/Summer Collection 2011 @ Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I confess that I'm a bit of a fashion follower, especially on what's new and hip on the catwalks. Not an active one who dresses up with the trends but more like a closet watcher from afar since the monthly take home pay won't buy even a thread of those swanky labels. Hence, I was thrilled to get an invite for the unveiling of the Shanghai Tang's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Topping off the great fashion was a wonderful dim sum tea party at Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Hotel.
             The Metamorphosis Collection is rich and vibrant as it incorporates the Chinese ethnic Miao's patterns and symbols. These are paired with various accessories like jade necklaces, figure eight knot leather belts and etc. Each piece is beautifully designed with the Miao prints and butterfly symbols that are understated. One of the pieces (I didn't manage to capture a very clear picture of it) I loved was this richly embroidered Miao printed silk/cotton coat with details on the front and back. For more on the collection, visit Shanghai Tang's boutique in Pavilion KL. More pictures are available in my Flickr set.
                While we watched the models sashay around us in the finery, we indulged in Celestial Court's funky fusion dim sum. Fresh from a refurbishment and revamp of their menu, each tiny morsel was beautifully crafted by their dim sum chef Ken Liew. Since they are a pork free restaurant, the dim sum uses various ingredients like seafood, kimchi, foie gras in their offerings.
                 Our first platter was a trio of dim sum - the ebony black squid ink "har kao" filled with conpoy and topped with salmon roe. Incredibly eye catching in jet black with the contrast from the transculent red salmon roe, it holds a crunchy prawn with scallops. On the other side of the platter was the crispy cod fish and scallop nest served with wasabi mayo - codfish and scallop wrapped in kataifi pastry. Last but not least was my self-nicknamed treasure pouch which is actually a sharks fin parcel with braised sea treasure broth. These items are available on the daily dim sum menu but with variations. For instance, the sharks fin dumplings is served with abalone and bamboo pith in the regular menu for RM38, the "har kao" is available minus the squid ink for RM13 and the rolls also contain bananas in the regular menu for RM15.
            I loved the light flaky baked unagi pastry with teriyaki sauce and sesame crust (RM16) and the deep fried breaded shrimp, spinach ball with cheese (a special item not available in the menu) as it hid melted cheese, which we had fun playing with. Even the potstickers (gyozas) were given an interesting twist with a kimchi and minced meat filling served with a green ginger dressing (RM11). Only the cold Shanghai ramen with XO sauce topped with sliced roast duck paled in comparison. We end our lovely meal with an eye catching dessert platter. Two cute mandarin oranges were actually chocolate pralines and the sesame ball hid pandan paste within and was served with Teochew yam paste (RM9). For a refreshing taste, the chilled herbal jelly with lemon and lychee granita (RM12) hit the spot.
             Looking through their dim sum menu, I must admit I'm excited as they have so many interesting items like the charcoal soft bun with salted egg yolk custard, golden puff with scallop and preserved olive topped with mango salasa and tobiko and chilled avocado puree with walnut ice cream. Definitely worth another revisit I reckon.

Celestial Court Restaurant
Sheraton Imperial Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2717 9900 ext 6988

(Pork Free. Dim sum available daily for lunch from 12-2.30, 10am-2.30pm for Sunday and public holidays. Open for dinner from 6.30-10.30pm. For more pictures on the dim sum, see my Flickr set.)

* The event was by invitation. Thanks to Aly from Aly's Wonderland for being my "model".


Michelle Chin said...

I love dim sum here. Love it so much that I had to do dim sum at celestial court straight for three days. :D

Pureglutton said...

New age dim sum eh? A black har gow is really something new to me ;) I love the vibrant colors of those clothes - nice!

Kenny Mah said...

Methinks I'd probably spend more time staring greedily at these delectable dishes than the dishy delectables strutting along the catwalk. Hehe.

Ellen Whyte said...

Not my sort of food but the models look nice. Human! Unlike those ratty things in Paris.

Baby Sumo said...

Their dim sum looks so fusion! The squid ink har kao looks interesting.

J said...

So nice! A feast for the eyes AND tastebuds/tummy :)

boo_licious said...

Michelle - wow, you're definitely a big fan. Did u manage to try these new fangled ones? Very interesting.

Pureglutton - yes, the squid ink har kao is such a lovely shiny black with the salmon roe. Clothes are gorgeous. Wish I could afford them.

Life for Beginners - greedy boy! I had a hard time that day - one minute focus on clothes, the next it was the food. Was almost dizzy switching from each view.

Au & Target - awww, ratty things aren't exactly kitty's best friends though. Glad that Au is eating. That's the bestest news ever.

Baby Sumo - yes, fusion but not overly funky that u're all weirded out. Good stuff.

J - yes, it was great fun feasting with the eyes and tummy.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Love that shot of Aly biting into that shrimp, spinach ball & cheese dim sum! So sexy! :)

Like LFB, I think I'd be more focused on the food, rather than the models. =P

Ciki said...

i think i come here to see the works of art, as much as to read the posts.. SIGH... wanna try the squid ink harkao, now u got it into me head:P

aly said...

Oh the squd ink har gao. mmm... and the cheesy balls... mmm. I'll be your model anytime! Thanks for great company, through the afternoon and nite! xx

AugustDiners said...

wow, what a scrumptious meal! and of michelle's comment, totally got my curiousity on the dimsum! shall drag my parents (i.e. my atm) there!

iamthewitch said...

Gosh the pictures are fabulous! Haven't had dim sum from CC before.. I wonder if they have all-you-can-eat during weekends? Would love to try them! :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Nice seeing you again boo! We dun meet often enough ;)

Yup, I think im makin my way here soon too! Even fr halal, they hv enough varieties & interestin items to keep me satisfied!

boo_licious said...

Bsar-Babe - yeah, she made an excellent model for me that day! How I wish I could eat like her.

C&C - come, we go since I've got to use my Starwood card before it expires.

Aly - it was fun to catch up, been so long since I've had time to kick back and drink lots of mojitos.

Augustdiners - good idea to bring the "ATM" there since dim sum often cost a bomb.

iamthewitch - not sure abt the all you can eat buffet but give it a try one day, its definitely very interesting food.

thenomadgourmand - Great to see you Becks! Yeah, this little tea sampler definitely got my tastebuds tingling for the full deal.

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Grace said...

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