Monday, July 19, 2010

Yellow Moon (Snowskin Mooncake) @ Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

inspired by Teresa Teng's popular song, "Moon Represents My Heart"

I'm getting an early start on mooncakes this year round especially since the hotels and shops have started selling them already. My gut feeling that this early start for the festivities is somewhat tied with the declining economy (mooncakes has always been traditionally a great profit earner). Things are definitely not looking rosy, as I was down town last Saturday and it felt more like a ghost town rather than a bustling city centre. From what I understand, this is partly due to the closure of Puduraya for renovations and also in reaction to the petrol hike. Nevertheless, it was still an eerie feeling with empty streets that reminded me more of the Chinese New Year exodus.

gold dust enhances the Chynna name, lovely chocolate surprise within, red saga seeds from childhood days

On to this year's offering from Hilton Kuala Lumpur's Chynna, a pale yellow snowskin mooncake called Yellow Moon. Every year, the restaurant offers unique pairings for their snowskin mooncakes - a little alcohol and a Western twist to the Eastern favourite. This year, the Yellow Moon is a snowskin mooncake that is wrapped around a Martell brandy flavoured lotus paste with a violet flower essence and Martell brandy chocolate center. The top of the pale yellow snowskin has a light gold dusting.

the silky smooth brandy lotus paste seems to meld perfectly with the violet flower infused chocolate center

While the flavours (violet and brandy) are not very evident, I loved the silky smooth texture of the whole ensemble including the chocolate, something that can tend to be hard vs smooth. My memories of last year's mooncakes from Chynna are a little hazy but I didn't enjoy them as much as this one. Maybe it could be that this one is super fresh or they have tweaked their formula. They are still selling the previous year's varieties - the Red Lantern that I felt was too cloying, the Blue Moon, the Baileys snow skin but not the golden Tiramisu one. Prices have definitely gone up as now (my old worksheet says it was RM13.65 with taxes last year), the Yellow Moon is RM16++ and the other varieties are RM15++.

This year's box (when you buy loads) is in the form of nifty looking wooden shelves that can act as a stationery supply box once you're done with the mooncakes. The Yellow Moon is inspired by Teresa Teng's "Moon Represents My Heart" song, which is also the title of Hilton Kuala Lumpur's Dama Orchestra concert. The concert will be held on 20 and 21 September (21 Sept is sold out) to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the late Teresa Teng. If you want to get the recipe for the mooncake, the Chynna Restaurant shares it in their F&B guide booklet and they even play a video of the dim sum chef making the mooncakes at the lobby where they sell the mooncakes.

It'll be interesting to check out the other flavours in town. One evident trend that I'm seeing for the mooncakes is the use of black charcoal powder in the baked variety. I'm curious to try that to determine how it affects the texture of the skin or whether it is just a cosmetic or visual change. Wait and see as I'll try and find the answer to my queries.

Chynna Restaurant
Hilton Kuala Lumpur
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2264 2264

(Non Halal. The mooncake can be purchased at the lobby of Hilton Kuala Lumpur or at Chynna Restaurant or by fax, just download form from this link. The flickr set for this year's mooncakes are here.)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.


Michelle Chin said...

They even have blue and red skinned ones. :)

You should try their white lotus with yolk. It's very nice. I bought it on the day you mentioned about "yue liang dai biao wo de xin". Such a nice name for a lovely looking mooncake.

boo_licious said...

Yes, I like the whole idea of it being inspired by that song. Thanks for the tip on the white lotus with yolk.

vialentino said...

ooo la la...mooncake festival coming soon...cant wait to eat mooncake!

CK Lam said...

I love mooncakes. If only I knew about this mooncake earlier, I would have bought some home on my recent trip.

Looking forward to grab a few varieties on my next outing...thanks for sharing :)

ck lam

Ciki said...

i agree about the declining economy bit! now a days that backpacker's strip is really deserted and the normal hangout joints are growing cobwebs! I don't know how those "chut-keok" places survive on the weekends i tell ya. anyway, Martel center sounds divine.. am really glad that the moon-cake festival is just round the corner and that I can have my double yolk again soon:)

thule a.k.a leo said...

it's the time of the year already??? Can't believe it :) last year I bought Prince Hotel's and Ritz Carlton's version of mooncake!!! Expensive.. so I plan to buy only from one place this year!

J said...

Hmmmmm... the Yellow Moon and Blue Moon sound really good tho! (Declining economy be darned! I will find some way to put aside the cash for these. They sound too yummy....)

J2Kfm said...

But the malls were all packed like sardines! Looking forward to a K session but had to book pulak. Ended up turning away and return home.

Anyway, was surprised that mooncakes are out even before the seventh month!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

is it the dust or the mooncake looks like its been baked to that golden brown colour?

needs to go eat mooncake b4 i fly off!

UnkaLeong said...

Dad placed his orders for mooncakes with me last night when I went home. Heh.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow moooncake is back again, just can't get enough of them! wonder whose will taste better this year? Chynna one looked awesome! rich and glamour too. :)

Anonymous said...


Rarebeet said...

I noticed a few restaurants were selling it already. It is rather early isn't it? I'm not a big fan of traditional mooncake so I'm quite happy to try all the more exciting ones. I do like the ones at Hilton. Will make sure to get some.

qwazymonkey said...

Agreed on the economy. Our stores are so empty these days. Quite sad. But then again, could it be that they are bringing forward the mooncake sales so it wouldn't clash with the ramadhan sales?

Then again, when exactly is Mid-Autumn Fest?

Precious Pea said...

Yay!! Mid Autumn festival is here again, this year am gonna indulge myself with Wing Wah 4 yolks mooncake.

Any Idiot Can said...

I've never seen this type of mooncake (lovely photo by the way), but it looks delicious. I eat mooncakes every week. They even sell them at my local Carrefour here in Thailand - don't know what I'd do if I ever lived somewhere where I couldn't get them :)

boo_licious said...

vialentino - they're everywhere!

CK Lam - am sure Penang has also started selling them.

C&C - times are bad indeed, sad abt the economy.

Leo - everywhere the prices have also increased.

J - I reckon one shld do as they're so full of calories.

j2kfm - guess selected places are still packed.

Joe - gold dust.

Unkaleong - wow, yr Dad sure is an early mover.

BBO - yeah too early to tell as so many to try.

Paps - yes, super early this year.

qwazymonkey - yeah, I was told Malays also like mooncakes so maybe they decided to jump the boat b4 ramadan.

precious pea - yums!

Leo Sigh - sounds like a very good life. Do enjoy them.

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