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Blackmore Wagyu Beef @ Prime, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

beauty in a bowl - wafer thin slices of Blackmore Wagyu beef

I reckon I've been blogging too much about Chinese food so here's something a little different to sink your teeth into....the incredibly fantastic Blackmore Wagyu beef. Named after the owners, this is prized by many as the finest beef and is served in reputable places such as The French Laundry in the US, Iggy's in Singapore and Rockpool in Melbourne. Rather than jet set to these places, we now have the opportunity to taste this butter-like beef as it is now available (a limited period from July till end of August 2010) for the first time ever at Prime, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.

beef consomme is poured inside the bowl, dip your noodles and beef, the affable Chef Anton

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur's affable and Spain-loving Chef Anton has devised interesting ways to serve the meat. My favourite is the appetizer of 80g wafer thin slices of Blackmore Wagyu beef oyster blade served with a double beef consomme flavoured with Asian spices and sesame sauce (RM60++). It is a visual feast as nothing is more stunning than the ruby red and white marbling of the beef laid out in a deep white bowl. Consomme is poured into this bowl from a teapot, which gently cooks the beef slices. On the side, somen noodles, tofu cubes and honshimeji mushrooms are laid out for you to add into the soup. A ponzu sauce is also available for you to dip your meat or noodles to get a tingle of tanginess on the tongue.

the bread is to die yummy (Walnut bread on top, black pepper crusted Emmental cheese bread at the bottom)

Only two appetizers are offered in this special menu, the other one item being the Inter Costal 140g Blackmore Wagyu beef braised in low heat and served with a homemade BBQ sauce (RM58++) - a thicker slice with a lovely soft texture. This is served with soft mascarpone polenta with truffle oil.

crab cakes with mango salsa, famous Echire butters, instead of oysters they serve clams kilpatrick here and you must try the awesome apple wood smoked salmon

Make room in the tummy also for their superb bread. They're always changing the types served here and this time round, we sampled the walnut bread and a pepper crusted Emmental cheese bread. It's simply divine that I couldn't stop eating and slathering my bread slices with the divine Echire butter in 3 flavours: plain, pepper and rocket.

tender Blackmore Wagyu beef braised in a homemade BBQ sauce

If you prefer, they also serve an array of superb appetizers ranging from the comforting creamy golden lobster bisque (RM45++) served with a puff pastry top, the apple wood smoked Norwegian salmon (RM45++) that is made in house or the Sabah clams Kilpatrick (RM45++), which is toped with smoked beef bacon, diced Roma tomatoes, tabasco and worchestershire sauces and the Australian crab cakes with chili flakes, garlic sauce and mango salsa (RM55++).

lobster bisque with a puff pastry top

The halal certified Blackmore Wagyu beef is reared in Australia but bred with Japanese wagyu beef genetics - a unique combination that produces a grade 9+ marbling. It is grain fed for 500 to 600 days. During the promotion, a Blackmore Wagyu beef set is also available - a choice of one of the appetizers, Blackmore Wagyu cube roll and dessert of fresh wild berries, whipped cream and Evian water for RM528++ for one person.

homemade Wagyu beef burger served with a slice of Brie cheese

The Blackmore Wagyu cube roll is available on an a la carte basis @ 170g for RM488++ and is served with grilled Mediterranean vegetables, a Charon sauce and truffle mash potatoes. The meat is superb with a buttery-like texture that you can probably use a butter knife to cut through it. On the side, there are a range of homemade mustards - grainy mustard, basil and orange marmalade mustard and fresh horseradish with grainy mustard chantilly.

the simply divine Blackmore Wagyu cube roll

If you prefer to have something else, give a try to the Wagyu Prime Rib served with Idaho steak fries, wild forest mushroom fricassee and a light black summer truffle jus (2 persons for RM480). We had that the last time we dined here and was blown away by the beefy taste and portions. Alternatively, there is also Prime's unique take on a Wagyu burger (220g for RM105) - all home - served instead with a grilled French village country bread with Echire butter, a slice of Brie cheese. On the side, guacamole salsa, homemade truffle ketchup, thick cut fries are served.

my favourite - the Pecan Mud Pie

Don't forget desserts as they do a wickedly good pecan mud pie with chocolate sauce (RM30). The last time we were dining here, it was Splashie Boy's impromtu birthday cake. I love how the flavours all meld together with the chopped pecans within and the biscuit crust.

equally yummy: creme brulee, tiramisu with a foamy mascarpone cream, tangy and zesty crepe suzette

We also sampled the creme brulee made from creamy Tahitian vanilla beans and served with fresh seasonal berries (RM25). The fruits can be a little tangy that helps cut through the rich tasting creme brulee. The all-time favourite of tiramisu (RM30) is made with an Illy coffee soaked sponge and topped with a foamy mascarpone cream - reminds me of the Favola version minus the pop rocks. If you love a tangy taste, the crepe suzette (RM30) with the preserved orange zest and vanilla ice cream will knock your socks off with the strong flavours.

Pair everything off with good friends from nearby and far (from New York), a few glasses of wine and you will have a recipe for a successful dinner. I reckon we'll be doing another visit soon as I'm going to drag the beef-loving Splashie Boy to try the divine melt-in-the-mouth Blackmore Wagyu beef. It's a once in a lifetime chance for any beef lover, so do grab this opportunity during this promotion.

Le Meridien Hotel
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur


(Halal. The promotion for the Blackmore Wagyu beef is from July till end of August. Express lunch (60 minutes) is also available for RM60++. For more details, see the Le Meridien website here. For more pictures, see my Flickr set.)

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J said...

*speechless n DROOLING*

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all beef??? not fair for non-beef eater like me leh

Babe_KL said...

look gorgeous! huge dent in the pocket though

Julian Si said...

Holy cow, oops Lembu Suci ... Divine :-)


Cheers from Manchester ...

Ellen Whyte said...

Yum! Time to make carpaccio!

Anonymous said...

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Ann said...

Love the new website!

qwazymonkey said...

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Anyway, that's one heck of a beefy good meal. So want to sink my teeth into that consomme starter! Oooh

boo_licious said...

J - it's gorgeous!!

Sorry Leo!!

Babe - yes, more like a crater in the wallet.

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vialentino said...

simply love wagyu beef...the beef looks awesome!

KY said...

waaaa looks absolutely gorgeous!

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