Monday, May 03, 2010

Delicious goes American

grab your copy

I'm looking forward to this week, probably because so many things are happening at the moment. It's still a holiday for me (with the extended holiday from Labour Day) but not for the blog since I've been busy editing pictures for the coming week. For all the Delicious fans out there, the group has got America up their sleeve. Inspired by the inaugural issue of The Delicious Times - a quarterly publication available at all their stores they have gone Americano or more specifically New York!

A timely tribute to New York - home to the Sex and The City (SATC) gals as the sequel starts in cinemas from 3 June here. Can't wait as I love SATC! There's loads to read within the pages - food, fashion, tech and etc. Delicious seems to be churning these amazing publications that I can't help collecting. We were at Reunion last weekend and picked up their amazing Kuala Lumpur guide. Done in the easy flip-to-read style (similar to the Luxe Guides), it is pretty awesome to have a handy guide on where to eat, shop and chill out. What made it even amazing is that look was exactly my dream guidebook I've always wanted to come up with.

sweet beef ribs, clam chowder to warm the tummy

In conjunction with the launch of their quarterly read, Delicious has also launched an American diner menu and Magnolia Bakery inspired cupcakes. I guess they're envisioning gals all over KL sitting at Delicious cafes sharing those sugary treats just like the foursome from SATC.

cupcakes and chicken wings

We sampled a little of their American diner menu during the weekend. Kicking off with a soothing Manhattan clam chowder (RM18.90), this was excellent with the parmesan crisp. Unlike the creamy rich Boston version, this soup was more hearty with a clear tomato broth and came with loads of potatoes, carrots and clams (of course!). We weren't too enthusiastic about their spicy buffalo wings (RM14.90) probably because it was a little oily. Not very spicy as promised, the only saving grace of this dish was the rich and stinky (the stinkier the better) blue cheese dip. We loved the sweet and sticky spare ribs (RM59.90) - fork tender meat coated in a sweetish sauce. Eat it with the crispy fries and the refreshing coleslaw on the side for a wonderful meal.

On to the Magnolia Bakery inspired cupcakes (RM6.90 each) - there's a total of seven flavours to choose from. By the time, we got to the cafe we were a little too late to sample the red velvet with cream cheese and raspberry swirls as they had sold out. I guess that means I need to make a revisit to sample the red velvet. Instead we sampled the other flavours - chunky apple with butterscotch frosting, bananarama with white chocolate frosting, crazy carrot with cream cheese topping, devil dare with 7-minute icing, after eight chocolate with mint frosting and classic vanilla with strawberry frosting. Our favourites out of the lot, the chunky apple and crazy carrot ones. The chocolate ones definitely needed a little more tweaking as they were quite dry.

For more information on their menu offerings, follow
their Facebook group. You can also pick up the latest news on the cafe. More pictures are available in my Flickr set.

Delicious Cafe
Bangsar Village II
Kuala Lumpur

(Also available in all the Delicious outlets. Cupcakes are available until 20 June.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.


Unknown said...

would love to check out delicious SOON

with regards,
May @

boo_licious said...

Hope you will enjoy it May!

Kenny Mah said...

Sex and the Citi, eh? Intriguing...

I was at Delicious Midvalley for tea yesterday but didn't notice this mag, but then again it was so busy! :)

J2Kfm said...

Cupcakes are everywhere. Invasion of the frosted, sugar high creations. Delicious is one of the safest place for food, light snacks or desserts in shopping malls, I feel.

Sean said...

gosh, it's been months since i've been to delicious. but i'm crazy about cupcakes, so i'll definitely try these. wonder whether they're actually similar to the magnolia bakery ones though (i wouldn't know, since i've never been to new york) :D

Priya said...

Beg to differ.Their cupcakes are SO not worth it. Nothing beats old-fashioned butter cupcakes any time, yummy!!:)

BTW, love ur blog!

mummy gaga said...

i luv ur blog, looking forward to go to the places

mingsuan said...

Are they giving out these publications for free???

thule a.k.a leo said...

Delicious is my wife's fav!!! She always ask (maybe force is a better word) me to go to their Dua Annexe outlet but I was too lazy to drive that far!

Rebecca Saw said...

Hmmm..was never impressed with Delicious's food. Well..mayb their cupcakes will hit the spot. I would luv to try the red velvet.

Unknown said...

The cupcakes and fries look good! And the wings, although the photo is gorgeous (you take very nice food photos) the wings themselves do not look good to eat. There are only a couple places in the USA where I eat Buffalo wings because most of the time, in many venues, the wings are bad.

Caroline said...

i myself am a huge fan of Delicious but i have to say that it definitely does NOT have a value for money menu. i was impressed by their marketing skills of having an american menu. at least we gila-makan malaysians could gorge ourselves in some good ol american yummies. so far we've tried the clam chowder, beef ribs, buffalo wings and the onion rings. here's my/our verdict.

1) the clam chowder's taste was so diluted and the seafood/clam ingredients were rather pathetic. we were so disappointed we actually returned it after googling with my iPhone to show them how an authentic Manhattan clam chowder dish should look like. we wanted to make our point. 1/5.

2) beef ribs was good. they marinated it well and it's cooked to perfection keeping it tender and succulent. however, the portion is relatively small compared to the ribs beef; at tony romas and pork ribs; at daves. delicious only served one rib which had edible meat a fraction the size of the bone. worse was how much you had to pay for it. it didn't fill me up as how an american meal should. so it's a very subjective rating for this one. i'd give it a 4/5 for taste but a 2/5 overall due to the overpriced charge for such a pitiful portion of a meal they dare label as american.

3) now the wings. this is real good. (the problem with delicious is also it's inconsistency in it's quality of cooking) it was cooked very well when i had it cause the meat inside was still juicy and the outsides were well marinated again and fried to perfection. and at least for this dish, it was priced okay. 4/5

4) onion rings was SO BAD. first it was overtly salty. next, the flower they use to fry the rings were soggy and unappetizing. this was fresh hot from the kitchen and it still tasted yuck. truly the worst onion rings ever. A&W's onion rings trump Delicious's onion rings anytime of the day. FAIL.

then again, this is all subject to my personal flavour and liking. but i did have friends and family on my various trips to try these dishes and they did share similar reviews. so, if u have the extra cash to spare, please do give it a try and hate it for yourself. (;

but that all said, i'm still a sucker for delicious's food.

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Pooi Yee said...

this place looks interesting

Unknown said...

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