Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kittens seeking loving home

Fluffy and Feather1
fluffy and feather playing

A friend of mine who loves cats found these two siblings recently and she would like to give them up for adoption.

fluffy feeling shy

Two girl kittens whom she has temporarily called Fluffy and Feather. They're very sweet and have coats that are a slightly long haired.

what's happening outside? fluffy ponders

I love the subtle colouring of their coats - very sweet. As they are both siblings, it is preferred they are adopted in a pair to let them keep each other company. Life is always more fun for a cat, when two siblings get to spend it together.

fluffy is nice and comfy

If you are keen to adopt these two adorables, just email me at

u taking my pix again? are you cat-parrazi, asks Feather?

My friend is throwing in free spaying for these two plus litter boxes, feeding bowls, metal cage for them too. Do a good deed today and adopt these 2 sweeties. They'll definitely brighten up your life.


Kitikata-san said...

Dear M-M, oh these 2 kitties are just so cute! I agree, their coloring is so lovely. They are so cute, I just want to pet them. But alas, I live thousands of miles away, so I cannot pet them. I will hope that these kitties get a good home!

Simon Seow said...

I don't have to adopt cats. I don't know why my house is like an attraction to cats. They come and go as they like.

Poodle puppies for sales will be post tomorrow.

Unknown said...

cute!!! Cat??? I thought it is food blog??? hahaha

boo_licious said...

brian moh - hey, u started up yr blog? Yeah, the cats kinda took over for a while....

simon seow - must be something in yr hse? Food perhaps?

kitikata-san - they're sweeties, hope they get adopted soon.

CRIZ LAI said...

Purrss... they are so adorable. I would love to have them but having to feed 6 cats and 2 strays and uncountable others creatures at home now is too taxing for me. One thing I can assure the future foster family is that life will never be a bore again. You can check to know why.

Anyway, food and cats go well together. That's why I have both blogs.. haha.

boo_licious said...

I know the feeling abt feeding too many cats - we also have to plan holidays around them. Yup, food and kitties do go together very well.

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