Thursday, June 26, 2008

Char Siu @ Spring Golden Restaurant, Shah Alam

gorgeous melt in the mouth char siu (RM5.50 for one person)

I recently realised, my pictures on Flickr are being blocked...really weird hence I have reverted back to Photobucket. Pray tell, if that is okay now, or else I will have to look for another solution. Back to food, and more food.

delish vinegared pork trotters (RM7 for a small portion)

Feeling very adventurous recently, I made a trip to this place. It took me a while as I was trying to remember the way from memory (I was there a few months back). After a few wrong turns, I finally made it.

This super duper famous place seems to be limited to people who work in Shah Alam as everyone I met who works in Shah Alam, will gleefully relate to me, tales of the famous "poh lei char siu" or crystal char siu. I was first introduced to this place by one of Splashie Boy's 4WD kakis - aka the Fireman. He declared this THE place for char siu, with testimonies from two other 4WD foodies aka Silversurfer and Kokonut Soldier. A quick search on the Net revealed, nice instructions from Julian Si (my Shah Alam guru on good food places!) hence I made my way here a while back. Unfortunately, I never did snap any pictures hence I didn't blog about it until now.

This crystal version refers to the slightly blackened and crisp skin enwrapping tender belly pork within. Drizzled with the sweet char siu sauce, the barbequed pork is simply heavenly. Literally melts in your mouth especially if you ask for the sinful cholestrol laden version - "half fat and half meat". Usually, the shop tends to cut it quite thinly but to fully enjoy the char siu, ask for it to be thickly cut.

Aside from the amazing char siu, Spring Golden also serves excellent Vinegared Pork Trotters (Chee Kiok Chou) - a nice balance of sweet and sour with sinful melt in the mouth pork trotters. They also have roast duck which is pretty decent. Another specialty of this place, as I discovered from Julian is the unusual Sakura Pork. A new way of raising pigs, they are fed lactobacillus feed (you know the kind we drink aka Vitagen!), with no chemicals or antibiotics. However, you need to order that ahead. If you wish to source for that type of pork yourself, there is a shop near Seapark Market which sells the uncooked meat. If Sakura Pork is used for your char siu, it is more tender and juicy.

Besides this outlet, they also have one in Glenmarie which is run by a former worker of theirs. Strangely enough, although they claim that the char siu is from the same source, I find the other place not as appealing. Maybe it is due to me visiting it after the peak period, hence I got inferior char siu? Anyway, I do suggest a drive to the original place to taste one of the better char sius in town. If petrol hikes are making you feeling the pinch, cruise on 90km to stretch that petrol.

Spring Golden Restaurant
25, Jalan Sepadu C 25/C
Section 25
Taman Perindustrian Axis
Shah Alam

Tel: 019 -337 9319/016-205 0660

(Non halal. Open from 8am to 4pm. To get here, I usually use the highway on NKVE towards KLIA. Take the Seafield exit to Elite Highway. After the toll gate, take the turning towards Shah Alam and Pulau Indah. On the Elite Highway, go straight and keep left when you see the exit towards Puchong (i.e after the row of petrol stations on your left hand side) - the Hicom Exit. This will lead you to Jalan Bukit Kemuning - which you can't turn from the highway. Once you keep left, go straight at the first traffic light i.e. the Hicom traffic lights(don't turn, as this leads you back to Shah Alam). The road will curve towards right after a while and at the second traffic light take a right turn (under the bridge of the highway). You will see a Public Bank on your right hand side and shophouses. Take the first right turn, go straight down and Spring Golden is on your right hand side. It is a corner shop and next to Daily Bake, a cake supplies shop. Opposite it is NSK Supermarket.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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HairyBerry said... of the best "breakfasts" i had this week! thanks, boo! first, there was ann xin pork. now, there's vitagen piggy..gosh, pork is really glamourous now! haha!

Ciki said...

looks damn good man, and yes, ur photos are in order.. who would think one of the best charsiews.. found in shah alam! we are huge fans of the wobble.. cannot wait to try :) cheers!

sc said...

oh man, another post on this place! even the name of the char siew sounds gorgeous! :D

Amelia said...

they also have very good roasted duck.

ling239 said...

is this the one having the HQ some where in KL ?

wmw said...

I thought the girl at Glenmarie, Kei Kei is the sister? Well, gotta go and eat at this outlet (if I ever find my way there).

boo_licious said...

Nic - next thing, there will be Prada Piggy??? Imagine, parachute material slinging piggies...

Cumi & Ciki - give this a try, definitely very good stuff.

SC - hee hee...very spring golden alrite.

amelia - yup, roast duck is pretty good. Max, is good at suggesting stuff also.

ling239 - nope, no branch in KL. Only 2 in shah alam.

Jackson - LOL! Poor thing. Technically u now work in 1U mah.

WMW - dunno, as Max told me this the last time, he said the place is run by an old and trusted worker. Maybe things has changed???

PureGlutton said...

I live in the neighbourhood and going by your directions, i think i will definitely pay this place a visit very soon. Thanks!

Julian Si said...

Thanks to my visit to Meng Kee, I looked up your write-up... and somehow found this old write-up about my favourite Char Siew as well :-)

Aww I am touched ...
A quick search on the Net revealed, nice instructions from Julian Si (my Shah Alam guru on good food places!) hence I made my way here a while back.

Cheers Masak2, and HaPPy NeW YeAR from Abu Dhabi :-)

Enqvist said...

just try it and it really good, thanks for your recommendation.

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