Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Comfort food - Japanese @ Rakuzen, Subang Jaya

Fish roe
Ikura from Salmon Trio - salty and so gooooood esp with sushi rice

Sorry for the lack of updates but one has been pretty busy with work. I had a dissapointing eating time last weekend hence the first thing I reached for last night was my comfort food - Japanese.

thick slices of salmon

I wanted a simple meal hence nothing spectacular was ordered but believe me, it was definitely the best I have eaten for a few days! Having fallen in love with sushi rice, I specifically ordered 2 bowls for us to share. Mixed with vinegar, the rice is sticky with a slight tinge of sweetness. Excellent when eaten with ikura (fish roe) and slices of salmon sashimi.

cold tofu
cold cold tofu dipped in soy sauce

Since simple was the name of the game for dinner, I ordered a cold tofu dish. It was presented in a small glass bowl with ice cubes at the bottom to keep the tofu cold. Scoop it up and dip it in another bowl of soy sauce.

dobin mushi
Nope, that's not tea but soup!

Next was dobin mushi, a clear soup vs the strong miso soups. Add a squeeze of lime and pour the soup into teeny cups to savour the light tasting soup enhanced by seafood. Once you finish, dig into the teapot for scallop, prawn, arkshell and mushrooms. Sublime stuff, especially when drank piping hot.

tempura moriasawe
fanlike tempura brinjal

We finished with Splashie Boy's favourite stuff - tempura moriasawe. A mix of aubergine (brinjal lah!), fish, 3 prawns and pumpkin was given.

tempura prawn
destined to be enjoyed....

Dip in the sauce mixed with finely shaved daikon radish for a yummy treat. At the end of the meal, we were too stuffed to eat any dessert. The upstairs part of Rakuzen is so much nicer than the cramped downstairs - you also get to kick off your shoes and sit comfortably at the tables.

Talking about Japanese food, I recently discovered that NHK plays Harumi Kurihara's television show - the Japanese kitchen in English! Check the
link out. The show is not too fantastic in terms of presentation but it is a boon to get to see Harumi in action, since she is so famous and known as the "Martha Stewart" of Japan. The website also has recipes, which are simple so great reference if you wish to cook at home.

Okay, over and out in terms of Japanese food. Somehow, I don't think this will be the last as I envision more stressful days this whole week...


ling239 said...

with the heavy work load hope u still find time to rest and relax ~ ^_^

Unknown said...

we had a bad food week as well..ntg affect your mood more than a bad dining experience..still cant get over it..seems like i need some jap food fix as well

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jap food is the way to go to relax over a hard working week..strive hard..for im sure u wil go back to jap food end of the week!

Ciki said...

sori 2hear bout da stressful week.. hope things pick up :)
I love soup-in-a-teacup too! nice pix

Jun said...

so jap is ur comfort food eh? maybe it's something in the fish that has a calming effect ;p i've been having loads of jap in spore lately too. must be the stress... :(

Julian Si said...

Great action shot of the Dobin Mushin flowing :-)

Christine said...

ikura seems so tempting..how do i get to this place?? is it near subang parade??

Sugar Bean said...

We haven't been to the Subang Rakuzen but their outlet in Jalan Raja Chulan was quite good. We had their buffet lunch which was quite worth the price.

J2Kfm said...

heard so much good reviews bout Rakuzen. probably should give them a try the next visit to KL.

I eat a lot when I'm stressed out too, though anything goes for me. hehe ...

CRIZ LAI said...

Ok.. That does it! I'm going to cook tempura for lunch tomorrow after endless saliva dripping with your shots.. haha. Anyway, I think it is cheaper to cook tempura on my own :P

boo_licious said...

ling239 - don't worry abt me. I just get depressed when I don't get yummy food.

kampungboycitygal - I suspect we will have more bad days, as restaurants cut down raw materials and etc.

joe - I can eat it all the time. Even cook it at home. Made soba noodles the other day and it was heavenly.

cumi&ciki - I had a hand model this time so it was easier.

jun - ah, fish can destress rite, doc? can I take that as sound medical advice?

thxs julian - you have been traveling so much, I can't keep up with the pixs!

christine - this is the row of shophouses behind the turn in to SJMC.

sugar bean - this is the first outlet so it's a bit run down though but quite ok for a quick bite.

j2kfm - stick to yr yummy Ipoh hawker food. still remembering the super yummy egg tarts which was so incredibly good.

criz - ooooh, own cooked tempura sounds super yum. You can probably custom made everything and get away with the biggest prawns and etc.

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