Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hong Kong 2010

Hong Kong's tram or "ding ding" - diorama style

Based on the comments I've been receiving, I guess all of you are eager to see what I did in Hong Kong. It's been a slow process of running through the pictures, editing and resizing them that I have been dreading doing the blog posts. To appease all of you, I've decided to compromise and use a summary format (kinda like a preview on what is to come further) I read from
kampungboycitygal - the food bloggers I referred to for my Hong Kong eats. Thanks to their informative site, I learnt about openrice, a popular food forum there. I was also very fortunate to have a great foodie visiting Hong Kong at the same time, the very informative Jeanette Han (J) from Elegant Inn in Menara Hap Seng who also took me around. On to the food we go!

1. Tsim Sha Tsui

sweet lollipops, dining with a view - the Hong Kong island view with the IFC tower

My hotel was at the very picture perfect Victoria Harbour and right next door to the deluxe-label laden Harbourcity. The moment we arrived in Hong Kong, it was afternoon tea at the two Michelin star Cucina restaurant (Sixth Floor, Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Harbour City, Tel:2113 0808) - literally dining with a view. Homemade marshmallows and luscious strawberry lollipops, thick sandwiches, light scones with clotted cream, a to-die-for chocolate mousse cake perked up the day.

curry fishballs, Roll's black sesame and light and fluffy eggy sponge cakes cooked a la minute

Dining around here was a mish-mash of snacks that I inevitably found. I made a beeline for Tak Fat Beef Balls (Temporary Hawker Stalls, Haiphong Road that is opposite Langham Hotel) , located at a temporary food court that looked so out of place amid the snazzy designer labels. Beef balls were good and as described in previous blogs, very bouncy and firm. On one night, I wander up Canton Road and discover a sweet heaven of sorts - The Sweet Dynasty (Ground Floor, 100, Canton Road, Tel:2199 7799) that serves tong sui, dim sum and etc. Loads of endorsements from Chua Lam for this place. The tau fu fah is super smooth while the mango pancakes is filled with pillowy soft whipped cream and chunks of sweet mango.

Mille feuille, matcha cake and the popular Hong Kong dessert of mango pancakes

I so wanted to try everything yet I felt a little lost since I'm not so familiar with the Kowloon side having only stayed in Hong Kong island before. Following open rice's suggestions, I managed to find ever so popular Roll (A1, G/F Granville House, 41 C-D Granville Road, Tel: 2191 9212). This place was also featured in
CNNgo. Available in two sizes (large and small), I thought the black sesame roll just didn't pack a punch or was worth my walk to look for this place.

the view from my hotel room (diorama style), creme brulee and bouncy beef balls at Tak Fat

Instead I end up being more excited over curry fishballs I spot along Granville Road and those iconic eggy biscuits I have often seen in my TVB dramas. My French fascination continued with a visit to
Jean-Paul Lafayet for their rich tasting creme brulee, the matcha cake and mille feuille that came recommended by open rice.

2. Jordan

fluffy scrambled eggs

I guess you can't go to Hong Kong and not eat their char chan teng food - a kinda Chinese spin on Western fare. At the very popular Australian Dairy Co (47-49 Parkes Street, Tel: 2730-1356), the place is packed with people eating their set meals. Macaroni soup (made from Campbells canned soup) is popular here as everyone has a bowl in front of them. I love the silky egg white custard they have that melts in my mouth while I observe the going ons and their super fast service.

3. Mong Kok

MRT sign, Polo Buns and milk tea.

Another must-have is the Polo buns from Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery (GF, 47 Bute Street, MRT exit Prince Edward B2 Tel: 23926830) that J brings me for a quick morning breakfast. Buns come out piping hot from the oven so eat them quickly with a dash of rich smooth milk tea. You can order breakfast of noodles with sausage and eggs that you mix together.

all dressed up and no where to go - salt baked chooks

Next it was the ultimate foodie heaven - a walk through the wet markets of Hong Kong. Near the goldfish market, everything is super fresh right down to the poor fish that gets sliced so quickly, its gills are still pumping away even it has been decapitated like Anne Boleyn. I stop by some tau fu fah and find it fascinating how Thai durians are so popular in Hong Kong.

4. Sheung Wan

cold crab to start with

We cross over to Hong Kong island to try old style Chiu Chow dishes at Sheung Hing Chiu Chow Restaurant (33 Queen's Road West, Tel: 2544 8776). Well known as the rich man's canteen, it is rumoured that late at night you can see Rolls Royces and other premier cars parked at the kerb of the restaurant. I didn't see any of those but was well satisifed with the food especially the cold crab dipped with vinegar, the sinfully good braised goose with liver and many more dishes.

5. Lan Kwai Fong and Central

the stall, tong sui and my favourite glutinous rice balls

Going around the Mid-Levels, I'm introduced to the new hip place to hang out aka Soho while Lan Kwai Fong seems to attract a tourist clientele who hang out in front of the 7-Eleven for cheap booze. There are small stalls tucked within the mod places and at one place, we drop by for tong sui and a glutinous rice ball dessert that I loved. A little hot, it is best eaten rolled with the sugar and coconut mixture served on the side. I also get to try the unusual seaweed with green bean tong sui.

diorama Mid Levels

I have fun snapping pictures from on top creating the toy model-like effect on the place. Later in the week, I end up around here as I'm meeting an old friend over tea at Cafe De Coral. The place serves reasonable food. I also visit Peking Garden at Pacific Place, to meet up relatives and eat one yummy Peking duck.

6. Causeway Bay

porky delights, busy busy busy, the glutinous rice rolls

In my earlier visits to Hong Kong, Causeway Bay was my hangout. Going back after so many years kinda made me realised how things remain relatively the same - the crowds around Sogo especially when there's a sale and the famous pedestrian crossing. J brings me to a wonderful Japanese place, Iroha (2/F, Jardine Center, 50 Jardine's Bazaar, Tel: 2882 9877)well tucked in a building that serves value for money lunch sets with to-die-for meats that you grill on a hot stove. I spot unusual sticky rice buns at the nearby shop. These rolls seem to start out with yau char kwai stuffed with pork floss and is dressed or literally wrapped with glutinous rice. There's not much taste to it but it makes a great substantial brekkie especially with a piping hot soybean milk. Sadly I don't see my old hangouts with the char leong and cheong fun.


Julian Si said...

Salt baked chooks shot is gonna give me nightmares tonight, brrrrr!

Nitez :-)

Ellen Whyte said...

I'm sooooo jealous! HK looks terrific. And I love that pic of the skyline and the bird. You should sell that to The Star for $$$$!

Kenny Mah said...

Good gosh, I was in HK twice over the past year and I didn't even try half the things you did! Truly, thou are my masterji foodieji. Must return soon to try all of this, esp. them glutinous rice balls. :D

mingsuan said...

Hey I can't wait to read about Peking Garden - my husband's new boss claims that the peking duck there is better than Da Dong in Beijing. I am outraged but want to hear your opinion!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

one cant skip past jordan for their milk and also scramble eggs!

J said...

Oh man... Looking at your photos make me miss HK! I've only visited once but I have very very fond memories of the dim sum there.....

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Excellent writeup. LOVE the diorama pictures. Looks like you've mastered the camera. :-)

thule a.k.a leo said...

lemme see.. haven't been to HK for more than 3 years! sob sob.. i miss everything there - shopping, char chan teng, night life, sight seeing, people...

Ciki said...

BOO! the shots are amazing. Also, I love reading the post- informative and easy to get the gist of the info. thx babe, will use this next time i go:)

sc said...

miss HK already reading your post :(. i walked pass the same LKF road that you took picture of everyday for 10 days when i was there 2 years back, rindunya!

Tasbih Alam said...

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Wye Jon said...

superb pics boo

Daniel said...


The yau char kwai wrapped with glutinous rice you talked about is actually more of a Shanghainese breakfast item than a Hong Kong thing. I suppose you saw them at the street right behind Jardine Bazaar, the one with loads of mini buses parked at the side?

If you have the chance next time, try the salted beancurd instead of the usual sweet ones. Slightly spicy and sour, its opens up my appetite in the morning. =)

minchow said...

I've never been that big on excessive cream, and maybe it's got something to do with my lackaidaisical frame of mind today...but I want that mango cake!!!

J2Kfm said...

Sadly we missed that Australian Dairy Co steamed milk, and scrambled eggs on toast. They were closed.

As was the famous char chaan teng at Temple Street (forgot the name, but a very classic place).

But went twice to that Polo bun place. And did not regret one bit. :)

qwazymonkey said...

Love the diorama effect. Didja get a new camera?

If I ever go to HK, I'm so printing this post out. That's a big IF. Thanks for sharing Boo.

feijoa said...

This is great Boo! It will be useful since im going HK in July!

vialentino said...

wow...very nice HK trip there...

Unknown said...

omg! i want to go hk again, for the beef balls and glutinous rice balls. ;(

HairyBerry said...

diorama! ahhh, i think i know which stylo camera this is...hehehe. sounds like we can expect lotsa great hk posts ahead! looking forward to it. lurve the salt baked chicken shot, boo! ;D

boo_licious said...

Julian - chook chook, we're going to come get you tnite!!

Au & Target - LOL, I'll get only RM50 for that!

Life for Beginners - snippets of places eaten in between work so for the time I was there, it's not a lot.

mingsuan - peking duck no pix though as was with uncle. I liked the duck, they give it to you with the meat and the pancakes are soft. Shld be abt same quality as Beijing since my uncle's family eats at Beijing also as they have businesses there. One thing I loved abt Peking Garden - this sesame crunchy dough you fill up with minced meat yourself. Yums!

Joe - yup, went there on my first night!

J - time to revisit. I didn't realise how much I missed HK until I visited it.

Thanks LL.

Pssst Leo, time to go for trip with wifey and get your fix!

C&C - thxs. Will upload more info later on.

sc - wow, u were very central!! I was feeling a little disorientated as I've never stayed at the Kowloon side before.

Thxs Tasbih for yr link.

Thxs Wye Jon! Love the pixs of the kids in your flickr acct.

Hiya Daniel - spot on the description and yes that is a Shanghainese rice cake thingy. Thanks for the tips. Wish I could have found my char leong fix though.

minchow - the ones here pale in comparison though!

j2kfm - love the polo bun place! Comes out piping hot from oven wor.

Qwazymonkey - I'm now in the craze of diorama-ing the world. LOL!

feijoa - if you want more recommendations, just drop me an email at

vialentino - Thxs, maybe time to go soon?

kampungboycitygal - I also want to go back soon, feels like I've not done much!

Thxs Hairyberry - LOL on the chook pix, got more scarier pixs coming up.

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