Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Delicious Group is now on Facebook - with gifts to giveaway

There seems to be an influx of goodwill everywhere - presents to give out and gifts to be won (Have you submitted your entries for the chocolates and cookbooks??? Quick! An entry always represent a chance to get your hands on the gifts!).

The Delicious Group is running a competition on their facebook site as per
this link - just be the first person to tag the items in the picture and you stand a chance to win. Very simple but it does mean you have to haunt their site on facebook like a hawk. You stand to win festive goodies perfect to fill your tummy or just give to family and friends. The competition runs until Christmas and the pictures are from their catalogue - the delicious Christmas Wonder Emporium. One good tip for all of you readers, pick a copy of the catalogue up from delicious ingredients and hopefully get a headstart on the tagging to win!


Jean said...

Just become their fans on facebook!^^

ai wei said...

*wink*, joined :)

eiling lim said...

This is great!

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