Monday, October 05, 2009

Nasi Arab @ D'Arab Cafe, Section 7, Shah Alam

1. Arabic tea made with mint leaves, cardamom pods and cloves, 2. the simple yet alluring chicken kabsah

One of the best things in being a foodie is people tend to share with you, great tips on where to eat all the time. Recently, Splashie Boy's family have been talking about this amazing find in Shah Alam - a place that sold Middle Eastern food right smack in Malay suburbia. Being a great fan of that type of cuisine, we enthusiastically tracked this place down after vague descriptions given by them. We're awfully glad we made the effort, as food was superb and best of all, very reasonably priced.

the aromatic lamb aukdah

The place may not look much in terms of the set up - just a simple lot in a food court. Nor did the food look impressive BUT taste the food and it will knock your tastebuds like hitting a jackpot in a slot machine. Ting! Ting! Ting! Our tastebuds went on overload with the food.

We absolutely loved the fragrant lamb aukdah (RM9 with bread) - shredded lamb fried with potatoes, tomatoes and onions. Even the simple looking chicken kabsah (RM10 for a set with briyani rice) - boiled chicken with spices comes with meat that is fork tender and so tasty, you'll have no trouble finishing the huge portions.

the sauce here is addictively good

What made the food even more special was this spicy and tangy sauce made with tomatoes, garlic and bird's eye chillies - an addictive concoction that I kept eating non-stop. Seems the stall owners also has another outlet in Bangi and they opened this place to cater to the huge Arabic student population in nearby UITM. I guess it must work as when we were eating a very late lunch there, a group of Arabic students were also eating there.

For us, we found the prices were very reasonable as the portions served were enormous. As they mainly cater to students, they try to offer the best deals here. Most of the items range from RM3 to RM17. They are usually sets that are served with either rice or bread and consists of liver, omelette, roast chicken, chicken and lamb kabsah, chicken and lamb aukdah, hummus and foal - a type of red bean dip. The most expensive item on the menu is lamb hanith (RM17 with rice) - fork tender and delicious lamb with spices, cooked in a foil packet. The hummus is pretty decent here but not as smooth as other places.

If you love Middle Eastern food, give this place a try as it is totally worth a drive to Shah Alam. The lady who served us, claims she used to work in the Middle East for 25 years hence she learnt to make such excellent dishes at such reasonable prices. For more pictures, see my Flickr set.

D'Arab Cafe
Lot 3, Kompleks Anjung 7
Jalan Zikron B 7/B
Section 7
Shah Alam

Tel: 017-6821700/019-3375959

LT Cafe
Lot 8, Food Court 2
Uniten Bangi

Tel: 019-2122401

(Halal. The Shah Alam outlet is open from 11am to 11pm daily. Stall is located within a food court, which is right next to Unisel. To get here, from the Federal Highway, turn left when you see Kampung Jawa. At the traffic light, take a right turn and go straight until you see signs to Unisel. Take a right turn after Unisel's entrance and go straight up, you will pass a Shell Station on your right. Make a U-turn at first right turn and after the Shell station, make a left turn. You will see the food court at the back of Unisel. For the map, see this link.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.


Pity said...

yum! this looks absolutely delicious, and the drink as well! very well done!

cheers from london,


Borneoboy said...

Looks yummy. Kind of difficult to make my way to Shah Alam though.

minchow said...

YUMMM!! Middle Eastern is surely the next Jap in M'sia... available for all types of budgets and tastebuds! I need to be schooled properly though... experience so far rather touch and go!

Fulltime Mom said...

Boo, have you tried al-rawsha in ampang? their mandy & maghdut rice with chicken or lamb is very yummy too. the website is: in the mean time, will check this place out. thanks for the heads-up!

Ciki said...

the cloves are just too strong smelling for me la..

thule a.k.a leo said...

I'm definitely in to try the new food but my wifey doesn't seem to like arab food leh... sigh!

Unknown said...

she's a malay from Msia?
kabsah, aukdah and foal sounds alien to me. you're really good at digging out all these hidden gems eh?

Rebecca Saw said...

Love Arab food!
It doesn't sound too far but err..the Kg Jawa sign is after the Canon flyover is it? Further than the turning to Sunway and after the SA Bt Tiga toll?

eiling lim said...

Eh, the price is affordable. And I love their rice....

boo_licious said...

pityenlacocina - Hi from Msia, thxs for visiting.

Borneoboy - definitely away from the normal places. Guess Jln Bukit Bintang is easier for you.

550ml - everytime I tell myself I shld stop looking for new Middle Eastern places, I end up finding a better place. Guess you're right, it is growing as fast as Jap eateries.

Fulltime Mom - have heard good things abt Al-Rawsha as it's very popular. This one is more towards student budgets so huge portions at very reasonable prices.

C&C - guess not everyone's taste.

Leo - very much an acquired taste as most people still prefer the delicate flavours vs the robust spices.

j2kfm - she's Indonesian but quite price savvy as the students are quite fussy abt prices.

nomad - very very far down, further than entrance to the palace and admin offices in Shah Alam.

eiling - I was expecting mediocre food at those prices but the taste really knocked me back. So delicious.

Fulltime Mom said...

Boo, al-Rawsha is also very reasonable. Just last Saturday, we had 1 lamb mandy & 1/2 portion of chicken maghdut, and 4 drinks. Bill came up to RM50. There was also leftovers. I think one portion there, feeds 3 moderate eating adults, 2 if they were bigger eaters.

Izad said...

Boo, thanks for the write up. This place is literally 5 minutes away from my home and I don't even know it! Anyway, if you're anywhere in Cyberjaya, you should try Al Jazeera's Lamb Matby.. heaven sent at only RM10.

boo_licious said...

Fulltime Mom - sounds good. Thxs for the tip, will go try one day.

Izad - Hee hee, now you can compare. Ooooh, another place to try. Thxs for the tip!

Unknown said...

When you have the time, you should definitely visit Restaurant Saba, Cyberjaya

Their lamb kabsah is too die for!!! The rice in Saba is also lighter in flavour and texture and to me, tastes better

The lamb is so smooth and melts in your mouth!!

Their kebabs and grilled chicken is good too

boo_licious said...

bitter - sigh, so many places and so little time. Thxs for the tip.

Romicopa said...

At bukit bintang there is one called Hadramawt Restaurant at Chulan Square. Pricewise and taste are as good as AlRawsha (Jln Damai) and AlDiafah (Sri Petaling). There are also Saba Restaurant at Cyberjaya and its branch at Setiawangsa.

ajay said...

i tried lamb kabsah at d'arab cafe at uniten just now. it's very good. definitely wil come back for more

Adie Isma said...

I think writer give you wrong info lah. It's not kg. Jawa but Padang Jawa. There is no kg.jawa in shah alam except klang.

Unknown said...

this guy does nasi arab superbly but on take away made to order basis only in Sri Damansara...

check out:

Liza @ Adzriel AB said...

favourite ni.

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