Monday, April 27, 2009

We Love Fatboybakes!! Thank You So Much.

we love these drink labels (thanks to my hand model, the Bald Eagle fresh from a trip to UK)

Dear Fatboybakes

Thanks so much for hosting brunch, dinner and from what I heard even after dinner entertainment (sadly I missed that!) on Saturday for all of us. You helped celebrate Splashie Boy's birthday - a milestone that I would have been lost in organising being the very awful girlfriend I am. I reckon for as long as I have known him (which is very long!), I have never properly celebrated his birthday with a party. He was thrilled when you all greeted him at the door by singing out the birthday song.

the wonderful spread

When his birthday cake was brought in, he had the biggest grin on his face. He really loved your black forest cake creation - soft chocolate sponge layers with pure cream (not that fakey white stuff!) and black cherries topped with a velvety smooth chocolate ganache. I also heard that Paprika's Hunky became an immediate fan also.

Splashie Boy's birthday cake - the yummiest ever black forest cake

Of course the party wasn't just to celebrate his birthday, it was also a time for all of us to catch up and have fun with the others. And indeed, we had loads of fun catching up. The spread was excellent as usual - I loved the hearty beef chunks hidden within the puff pastry crust (Splashie Boy's favourite dish also), the tender roast lamb, your infamous quail egg salad (had to grab the last bits as it finished so fast), roast chicken (which we had no idea how to carve up, duh!), ju hu char, siu yoke and roast duck from Sze Ngan Chye.

Just Heavenly's fantastic creations and my little own lemon sabayon tart (pssst, it is the not nice looking one that is about to crumble away...)

We also got a chance to savour Allan & Nigel from Just Heavenly's cake, tart and quiche - very yummy stuff too. I do hope you liked my lemon sabayon tart as I spent the better part of Saturday morning baking it. I was so worried the lemon sabayon would not set, I was actually pleading it to set or else I will be in deep trouble. It looked a little awful though with crumbs all over after it was cut though. I wonder how do the pros do it, as theirs always look so perfect in the magazine or cookbook!

Thanks again for your generosity for hosting a great party. We both had a stupendous time and am looking forward to the next time. Thanks also for inviting new faces like J from Memoirs of Chocoholic and the Bangsar-babe, it was great to meet them.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

Boo & Splashie Boy

p/s can I get your autograph?? You know you are super famous???? I just got my May issue of Harper's Bazaar (yes, one does need to keep up with the fashion world to look trendy) and you are in page 187 where they feature their hot and happening parties. It seems the Bazaar team loves your Spencer four seasons chocolate cake, chocolate pavlova, lemon meringue tarts, tiramisu in cups and Mars cheesecake. Gosh, I guess we should recruit them also for the Fatboybakes Fan Club.

p p/s bigger pictures are in flickr, if you want to see all the food in their full glory.


qwazymonkey said...

I'm so happy to read that the luncheon was a success. But reading this made me feel like smacking myself (very hard) for not following Ciki's advice to fake a stomach ache and escape from the pasar borong lah!

Oh well, I guess there'll be a next time? Soon, I hope?

Ooh my Ah Pa's article on Bazaar's out d? I thought it was supposed to be for June. Must go office and see it. I tell you, the girls totally fell in love with him at that hoity toity event!

GFAD said...

Wahhh.. looks like FBB's dinner parties are already legendary! His blackforest looks absolutely divine!

As for clean cuts, you gotta have a hot knife. Easiest way to do it is to have hot running water.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

hey hey; Thanks for the mention dear. Good to see you last nite. Also, ditto re GFAD. We just use boiling water so as not to contaminate the cake and wipe with some clean tissue.

Qwazy; you were missed.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

It was really nice to meet you too! I missed the other desserts?!?! *bangs head on table for leaving early*

At least I got to try their first cake! And shared the last piece of your lemon tart with Hairy Berry!! =P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like his legendary lunches are going to be inked into history!!

wow, imagine proudly telling ppl u hav been to his lunches..

better go get his signature b4 we got to queue up..

boo_licious said...

qwazymonkey - we missed you!! Sorry that you had to work. Yeah, yr Pa has definitely charmed the girls with his baking creations and his wit.

GFAD - yes, his parties are legendary fun ones that go on and on. Thxs for the tip, yeah but this pine nut crust is very crumbly hence one cut seems to disintegrate it slowly.

Allan & Nigel - muaks for the yummy cake, quiche and tart.

Bangsar-babe - great to have finally met after reading your blog for a while too! Yes, the other items came later after the baking class. Wish you stayed on.

Joe - quick quick get his autograph as sure it will be worth loads of monies when he becomes uber famous.

fatboybakes said...

bwahahaha....autograph??? puhleeez.
but boo, awww, thanks so much my dear idol food blogger, our inspiration to start food blogging to begin with, and really, without you, i think none of this woulda jadi-ed!!!! i'm glad u and splashie boy had a good time!!! and thanks for such a glowing tribute, i shy la...blush blush..

Fulltime Mom said...

he does beef pie too? i didn't know that. we have only eaten his chicken pie and my kids absolutely love it!

Julian Si said...

Splashie Boy ... HAPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY, mate.

Sorry couldn't make it, my family event went on a wee bit longer then I thought, started at brunch and ended at supper-time (Not unlike your event!!).

FBB - Thanks again for the invite, see u soon bro!

J said...

It was so nice to finally meet you. Hope to chat with you (and the others) more the next round...

(Now I know how long FBB's wonderful parties can last so next time I won't make the stupid mistake of setting any appointments anytime within 10 hours of the official party starting time! Also, FBB - you rock! Thanks for the invite!)

thule a.k.a leo said...

FBB knows how to shy?? hahaha... another die-hard fan in the making...

so FBB... when are you throwing a birthday party for me?? lol...

foodbin said...

great looking Blackforest cake.

Ciki said...

nice shots boo!.. FBBs da bestest best:D mine.. akan datang;D

UnkaLeong said...

Happy Birthday again Splashie Boy! Great catching up with all of you...the impromptu karaoke session was aided by Joe's I-Touch (for lyrics). The sight of three grown men squinting at a screen and singing at their top of their voices must have been hilarious

JENCOOKS said...

What a party to miss, so much food, I just saw CIKI's post and your carries some more awesome food - wish you bloggers are in Singapore !

qwazymonkey said...

Boo, miss u guys too. It was boring after the bunch left my pasar borong! Will definitely make myself available next time round!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Lovely way to celebrate Splashie Boy's 26th. Your lemon sabayon tart was very good, man! Oh, and FBB's parties rawk. I lub my tangechi!!

Elaine said...

Wow...what a wonderful spread of delicious foods! It really warms the heart to see people get together to celebrate an event - and not just any people, but foodies who each understood the essence of good food and good company. :) Cheers, Boo! :)

HairyBerry said...

Your tart was yummy! Am glad I got the last piece (thanks Bangsar Babe for sharing!), hehe...Happy Belated Birthday, Splashie Boy! May there be more great parties and food to come!

Oh, and FBB, THANK KEW for everything! You da domb!

PureGlutton said...

Wow..what a partay it must have been! Glorious food and great company, i can see that! Belated Happy Birthday to Splashie Boy!

boo_licious said...

fbb darling - you deserve every bit of the tribute as you always treat us to these wonderful parties.

fulltime mom - yup, beef chunks so they were very meaty.

Julian - awww, we missed u.

J - must allocate one whole day and nite for his parties. We also had to go out for dinner due to another engagement or else I will stay on and on.

leo - have u joined FBB Fanclub yet? better do that quick as you never know what privileges you get as a member.

foodbin - tasted good too.

ciki - cool stuff, pixs are looking good with the Lumix.

unkaleong - I missed that! Sigh, too bad I had to play tour guide as that sounds like so much fun. Would have recorded that and posted it in youtube.

jencooks - yup, food was awesome as usual. He does the best desserts hence always must leave room for that also.

qwazymonkey - you shld as you missed yr pa's big celebrations. never mind, next time we shall even party harder.

LL - yes, his parties rock. Am glad you liked tart even though it was so crumbly.

Elaine - yeah, when foodies get together it is absolutely crazy.

Nic - aww, glad you liked the tart, will make more when I have the time!

PG - thxs for the wellwishes to him. He's having a very good 21st birthday.

rokh said...

this is real sweet of fbb, and seem like you all had real fun and good food too of course :)!

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