Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

they make it on the spot, so get it fresh from the steamer

Happy Deepavali to all! Am sure you will either be celebrating with your friends or just enjoying the holidays. Sadly, I have to work today, sniff! We stumbled on this discovery last night - putu mayam at SS3. This particular stall usually opens for the Tuesday night market (pasar malam) but last night, they opened to do business for the Deepavali celebrations, until 5am this morning.

fluffy putu mayam on steamer baskets

To celebrate the festival of lights, we bought a batch for dinner. Since they didn't have any curry, we just ate it with freshly grated coconut and brown sugar. Really soft and delicious, as the people will make it on the spot (just press the rice flour mixture into the mould to create the vermicelli thin strands, steam it and serve). According to the stall owner, this is an essential food item for the celebrations. If you want to catch them, they will open on Tuesday night at the pasar malam again. I also took a few more pictures of the stall - them preparing the steamer and etc, so check out my flickr account.

Putu mayam stall
Along Jalan SS3/29
Next to the traffic lights, between 7/11 and Shell Station
Petaling Jaya


Travel West Aus said...

I'd been racking my brains for the past four years trying to remember the name of this dish, ever since I had it in Singapore in 2004. I finally remembered last week - how coincidental that you should go and post about putu mayam just a week later! I could've saved myself the trouble!

I'm yet to find it here in Perth, but I'm heading back to Singapore in six days, and my tummy is already growling in anticipation...

Su-Yee said...

i love putu mayam!

Xanydude said...

especially with chicken curry! Great pictures btw!

CoolRunning said...

I should try to wait up early already. I can only wake up after 3pm for my Weekend and holidays.

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