Thursday, April 21, 2005

WeLcOmE to My LiTtLe SpAcE on the NeT

Finally took the plunge and registered myself for a blog after agonising about it. It feels kinda strange and am slowly trying to acclimatise myself to writing up my thoughts and things of interest to people so I don't clog up the net with frivolous stuff.

Primarily, this blog will cover my culinary efforts in the kitchen which best can be described as grown up "masak-masak" since I've not been trained by any professional chef or baker. Cooking for me is entirely from deciphering cookbooks. Occasionally, my mother will throw in some advice from her many years of cooking.

Besides the cooking aspect, the blog will cover everything else I'm interested in and that's happening in my life.


jesscet said...

wow, i am impressed! didn't know u really can cook.. oops sorry :p This looks real pro, especially with the photos.. do u take them yourselves? you should publicise ur blog to all your contacts! no prize for guessing from where i learn of `masak-masak'. have fun! :)

Krystle Chelsea said...

I will definitely try those restaurants you posted here. Seems hungry, but I can only try when I go back there. Free Credit Score

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