Sunday, July 31, 2011

Taiwan Fruits and Vegetable Fair (till August 14)


Apologies. I've been distracted with work.

Hopefully I am back on track. I'm returning to the blogosphere with some fruits and vegetables from Taiwan that was launched last Saturday at Empire Subang Jaya.


I've a big fan of fruits and vegetables hence it was great to discover some new variants of the fruits.

Taking centre stage for the opening ceremony was the jumbo watermelons - huge babies that needed two hands to cut them into half. I had a taste of the juicy melons and compared to their local cousins, the Taiwanese ones have a denser texture while still maintaining a sweet and juicy taste.


The whole ceremony took place at the front part of the ever busy Jaya Grocer, one of my favourite shopping places.

Everyone had a great time milling around to sample the fruits such as the Golden Mangoes. They kinda resemble the Thai versions in look but not in size (everything in Taiwan seems a little super sized, I wonder if it is their water?). The flesh is silkier with very little fibre making it a better bite.


Another crowd favourite were the Kyoho Grapes. I've tried the Japanese and South Korean versions and the Taiwan ones are a little different. These thick skinned grapes come with a fragrant sweet juicy flesh that I often associate with grape gummies. I reckon the ones brought in were just the right ripeness as their skin and flesh could be eaten together like a plum. I often find the Japanese and South Korean grapes skin to be inedible since they are too hard.


This is the second time, Euro-Atlantic aka the fine fruits and vegetables purveyors are holding. The first one was also held in Empire Subang Jaya but on a smaller scale. One of the most popular items from the previous fair was also brought in - the white bittergourd. Genetically modified to remove the green colour, these gourds have a milder taste. The vegetable is often juiced with honey to produce a refreshing (but still bitter) healthy drink.


They had also brought in a water bamboo shoot that resembles leeks. Seems it is grown in water hence the smell is not so pungent but sweet.


Other fruits and vegetables you can get your hands on during the fair are guavas, green bamboo shoots, apple mangoes, President pears, sweet musk melons, red plums and etc.

The Taiwan Fruit and Vegetable Fair runs till August 14 at Jaya Grocer, Empire Subang; Jusco in Midvalley and Bandar Utama; Urban Food in SS2 Mall and Carrefour at Tropicana Mall.

*This event was by invitation. For more pictures, see my Flickr set.


Michelle Chin said...

I should tell my mom this. Hehe. She loves fruits from taiwan!

Baby Sumo said...

The Kyoho grapes are lovely. The kids love them.

Ciki said...

A smashing selection.. bummed out I missed it!

Ellen Whyte said...

Taiwan has had such a bad time recently with contaminated food that I guess it's time they got something positive out here!

eiling lim said...

wo wmy first time seeing white bittergourd. interesting!

Eat Only Lar! said...

Wow, the watermelons are huge! Can have that for weeks! Would really want to go to the fair if I'm in KL. Healthy and delicious!

Kenny Mah said...

Devil's fave fruit when we were in Taiwan has gotta be their soursops - to die for! :)

Extreme Power said...

I love melon, mangoes, dukong, mangoesteen and durian.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

In my teen aged years, some one gave my mum your water bamboo shoot. We called them WOE SHEN, WOE in Cantonese meaning Rice SHEN bamboo.
We were living in Sibu.

When I lived in Singapore, sometimes we could get them grown in China.

What is the Chinese name?

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Did not know about it, otherwise would have crash those outlets with my camera !!!!

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