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2011 Ramadan Bazaar @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

                                            stained glass jelly

Taman Tun Dr Ismail's bazaar may be oldie  but it still draws a big crowd here.

One of this bazaar's draws is their fruit puddings. They're so pretty that since you eat with your eyes, you are immediately lured into its colourful charms. It is RM3 a piece and eaten chilled, it is perfect to break fast with. The girls who run this stall that also serves creme caramel, that sweet essential are both very friendly.

                                      rainbow hued dadih similar to yoghurt

I find a lot of colour here, there's even multi coloured dadih, a milk based dessert that has a texture similar to agar-agar. Ice cubes were laid on top of the containers to try and keep it cool in the hot heat.

                                         beef satay

There are quite a few grill stations set up around the bazaar. One of my big favourite is the satay stall, since the whole combination of smoky grilled meat combined with rice cubes and peanut sauce.

                                    roti arab murtabak

Murtabak is definitely a big favourite everywhere and each bazaar has their own versions.

This place sells an unusual combo served akin like a 10 inch burger - a thin murtabak sandwiched between roti arab. It lacks the condiments and sauces that it can be a little dry so it may be best to add on the tomato and chilli sauces yourself.

                                                  grape pudding

I was fascinated with the Raja Murtabak stall as they added pieces of cheese within the murtabak - yummy combination indeed.

                                             ayam masak merah

Since I was early, I didn't manage to catch my favourite briyani rice stall as they often arrive at the last minutes. Despite their lateness, people will queue up ahead for their food. Will definitely try and catch them another time.

                                       ayam percik

One stall sells two versions of ayam percik that make my mouthwater  since you get to choose between the Northern pale thick coconut rich version and the Southern orange spicy version.

                                             grilling ayam percik

Kudos to those guys who stand under that heat and cook up the ayam percik over a hot grill.

They are really our food champions since it is not easy to do that when fasting.

putu piring1
                                                 putu piring on a steamer    

Putu piring is always a big draw here too and this version (the one with this lady on a poster) is quite small. They have also expanded to two stations to tackle the queues a little faster.  

ramadan ttdi 2011
                                        fluffy putu piring

It is simple to assemble - place a mound of ground rice flour on top of the mould, add a pinch of the semi melted gula melaka, top it off with more ground rice flour, sweep it over to flatten and wrap it with a piece of white muslin cloth. Place it over the steamer (upside down and take away the mould).

Once it is ready, remove and sprinkle with freshly grated coconut and a piece of pandan leaf. Eat when hot as it is fluffy and soft with a meltingly good sweet center.

                                                       kiwifruit jelly

Whole lamb stalls seem to be growing here. There's two of them here slowly grilling the lamb over charcoal fire.

                                                           roti jala

I stumble on this roti jala stall with four stoves going on at one go. They have a great rhythm - one guy swirls the batter, another will take it out once it is done and another folds it for packing.

                                 popiah basah (wet popiah)

One of the most popular popiah stalls is Power Popiah (I can't remember the actual name) with his tall stack of deep fried popiah rolls but I reckon this smaller stall is a better draw. It always make a great picture with the spread of popiah skins and the different stuffings.

                               Bread and butter pudding

Sweets always dominate and this innovative stall came up with their various bread and butter puddings. Each piece is RM1.80 and you get flavours like banana, chocolate chip, almond, peanut butter, blueberry and strawberry. And don't forget the custard sauce.

Like all newly started bazaars, the authorities are out in great force checking to make sure the stalls are orderly and following rules. Have a go at the bazaar but watch out for the crazy traffic around it since the infamous jam for the road that leads to 1 Utama is forever clogged up.

Ramadan Bazaar
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Fronts the Guardian Pharmacy

Starts around 4pm onwards. For more pictures, see my Flickr set. See the past years, 2010, 2006, 2007


Michelle Chin said...

Is it me or is ramadhan dishes more and more creative

Kenny Mah said...

I find most Ramadan sweets too sweet for my liking but oh my, the savouries! I love the concept of the "Murtabak Burger"! :D

Eat Only Lar! said...

There're so many choices there! Quite a number of food that I haven't try before, like putu piring and hued dadih. Ah, can't make it this year but will want to try them all out next year!

J2Kfm said...

And I was one who was stuck on LDP although it was already way past breaking fast hour.
Can't imagine going all the way for the bazaar, though Boo I hope you will cover somewhere nearer to me. Maybe Kelana Jaya?

Ellen Whyte said...

Gosh Boo I hope you were very quiet and totally covered up in case you offend anyone by liking their food! Can you BELIEVE tv8?

Extreme Power said...

Very nice. Looks like kampung days.

email2me said...

Respect you boo! Cover every year without fail and still kicking!

eiling lim said...

i still haven't make my way to any ramadhan bazaar yet!

★Hui Hui★ said...

grape amazing...

R.K L said...

i hope this is not the most famous Pasar Ramadan in KL/Selangor area. It total disappointing for me.

I just wanted to find some traditional malay kuih that could be mouth-watering, but no! you will never find it here.

ORKED said...

these makes me miss semenanjung soooooo much as its like a heaven of delicious foods....

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Another good choice of location of bazaar !

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